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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Machining dynamics: Fundamentals, applications and practicesCheng, K
2013Micro milling performance assessment of diamond-like carbon coatings on a micro-end millWu, T; Cheng, K
2014Mobile commerce innovation in the airline sector: An investigation of mobile services acceptance in Saudi ArabiaDe Coster, R; Cheng, K; Algethmi, Mohammed Abdu
2008Modelling and simulation of the dynamic cutting process and surface topography generation in nano/micro cuttingZhou, L; Cheng, K
2003Modelling and simulation on the tool wear in nanometric cuttingCheng, K; Luo, X; Holt, R
2005Modelling flan wear of carbide tool insert in metal cuttingLuo, X; Cheng, K; Holt, R; Liu, X
2016A multi-physics-based approach to design of the smart cutting tool and its implementation and application perspectivesCheng, K; Chen, Xun
2010Multi-scale simulation of the nano-metric cutting processSun, X; Cheng, K
2008Optimisation of the hydrotesting sequence in tank farm construction using an adaptive genetic algorithm with stochastic preferential logicLancaster, J; Cheng, K
2008Product service systems in the automotive industry: An alternative business model for a sustainable satisfaction systemVezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Cheng, K; Makatsoris, H; Harrison, DJ
2007Project schedule optimisation utilising genetic algorithmsCheng, K; Ozbayrak, M; Lancaster, John
2006Rapid manufacturing as a tool for agile manufacturing: applications and implementation perspectivesBateman, RJ; Cheng, K
2014Regulation and optimization methodology for smart grid in Chinese electric grid operators using quality function deployment, equilibrium theory, fractal theory and mathematical programmingYang, Q; Cheng, K; Wang, Chen
2005A simulated investigation on the machining instability and dynamic surface generationLuo, X K; Cheng, K; Luo, X
2017Supply chain visibility tools usage and their impact on on-time delivery: a case study of a fast moving consumer goods small, medium enterprise in LondonDe Coster, R; Cheng, K; Onyefulu, C; Silvera, Yolanda
2008Surfaces functionality of precision machined components: Modelling, simulation, optimization and controlCheng, K; Aris, Najmil Faiz Mohamed
2012Tooling performance in micro milling: Modelling, simulation and experimental studyCheng, K; Wu, Tao
2016To research the assessment and sustainable design of office furniture from a design perspectiveSeyajah, N; Cheng, K; Bateman, R
2010Vibration assisted machining: Modelling, simulation, optimization, control and applicationsCheng, K; Ibrahim, Rasidi
2006Web-based CBR (case-based reasoning) as a tool with the application to tooling selectionToussaint, J; Cheng, K