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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Modelling 3D product visualisation for online retail atmosphericsAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C
2010Modelling 3D product visualisation for the online retailerDennis, C; Algharabat, Raed S
2009Modelling 3D product visualization on the online retailerAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C
2005Modelling the effects of mall atmospherics on shoppers’ approach behaviorsDennis, C; Newman, A
2007Myopia, customer returns and the Theory of Planned BehaviourKing, T; Dennis, C; Wright, L T
2001The mystery of consumer behaviour: market segmentation and shoppers’ choices of shopping centresDennis, C; Marsland, D; Cockett, WA
2005Objects of Desire: Consumer Behaviour in Shopping Centre ChoicesDennis, C
2010The pricing journey – The evolution of approach and execution as organisational pricing capability developsFord, M; Dennis, C
2005Project report – transferable skills in higher educationDennis, C; Wadsworth, D
2005Sale the seven Cs: Teaching/training aid for the (e-)retail mixDennis, C; Fenech, T; Merrilees, B
2005The savannah hypothesis of shoppingDennis, C; McCall, A
2016Trust transference from brick to click retailers: a model of perceived structural assurance in the introductory stage of customers' interactionGhoneim, A; Dennis, C; Alsaif, Talal M
2012Understanding the factors that attract travellers to buy tickets online in Saudi ArabiaBukhari, S; Ghoneim, A; Dennis, C
2015Understanding the factors that attract travellers to use airline websites for purchasing air ticketsGhoneim, A; Dennis, C; Bukhari, Saleh Mohammed Fadel
2009Understanding the factors that derive continuance intention of e-shopping in Saudi Arabia: Age group differences in behaviourAl-maghrabi, T; Dennis, C
2006Unethical consumers: Deshopping behaviour using the qualitative analysis of theory of planned behaviour and accompanied (de)shoppingKing, T; Dennis, C
2011The use of corporate reputation in the development of brand image strategy in the Taiwanese pharmaceutical industryMelewar, TC; Dennis, C; Chen, Chen-Chu
2009Using 3D product visualisation to tap consumers’ experience with online retailers: From telepresence to authenticityAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C
2009Using authentic 3D product visualisation for an electrical online retailerAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C
2009Using authentic 3D product visualisation for an electrical online retailerAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C