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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Measurement of the bulk acoustic properties of fibrous materials at high temperaturesWilliams, PT; Kirby, R; Malecki, C; Hill, J
2008Modeling sound propagation in acoustic waveguides using a hybrid numerical methodKirby, R
2002Modelling dissipative silencers in HVAC ductsKirby, R; Lawrie, JB
2003Modelling dissipative silencers using point collocationKirby, R
2006Mode-matching without root-finding: Application to a dissipative silencerLawrie, JB; Kirby, R
2006Multi-mode sound propagation in pod silencersKirby, R
2015A numerical model for the scattering of elastic waves from a non-axisymmetric defect in a pipeDuan, W; Kirby, R
2014On the acoustic performance of rectangular splitter silencers in the presence of mean flowKirby, R; Amott, K; Williams, PT; Duan, W
2014On the modification of Delany and Bazley fomulaeKirby, R
2015On the scattering of elastic waves from a non-axisymmetric defect in a coated pipeDuan, W; Kirby, R; Mudge, P
2012On the scattering of torsional elastic waves from axisymmetric defects in coated pipesKirby, R; Zlatev, Z; Mudge, P
2015On the use of power reflection ratio and phase change to determine the geometry of a blockage in a pipeDuan, W; Kirby, R; Prisutova, J; Horoshenkov, KV
2005A point collocation approach to modelling large dissipative silencersKirby, R; Lawrie, JB
2016Point collocation scheme in silencers with temperature gradient and mean flowDenia, FD; Sánchez-Orgaz, EM; Baeza, L; Kirby, R
2009Quantifying the performance of a top-down natural ventilation Windcatcherâ„¢Jones, BM; Kirby, R
2010Quantifying the performance of natural ventilation windcatchersKirby, R; Jones, Benjamin Michael
2001Simplified techniques for predicting the transmission loss of a circular dissipative silencerKirby, R
2005Sound attenuation in partially-filled perforated dissipative mufflers with extended inlet/outletDenia, FD; Selamet, A; Fuenmayor, FJ; Kirby, R
1998Structural/acoustic interaction in air-conditioning ducts in the presence of mean flowKirby, R; Cumming, A
2014A three dimensional investigation into the acoustic performance of dissipative splitter silencersKirby, R; Williams, PT; Hill, J