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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Reformulations of mathematical programming problems as linear complementarity problemsJudice, JJ; Mitra, G
1991A review and compilation of LP modelsMoody, S A; Mitra, G
2003A review of portfolio planning: Models and systemsMitra, G; Kyriakis, T; Lucas, CA; Pirbhai, M
2004Revisiting lagrange relaxation (LR) for processing large-scale mixed integer programming (MIP) problemsSiamitros, C; Mitra, G; Poojari, CA
2009Robust optimisation and its application to portfolio planningDarby-Dowman, K; Mitra, G; Gregory, Christine
1991The scheduling of sparse matrix-vector multiplication on a massively parallel dap computerAndersen, J; Mitra, G; Parkinson, D
1988Set covering and set partitioning: a collection of test problemsEl-Darzi, E; Mitra, G
1993Sets and indices in linear programming modelling and their integration with relational data modelsKristjansson, B; Lucas, CA; Mitra, G; Moody, S
2001Software tools for stochastic programming: A Stochastic Programming Integrated Environment (SPInE)Valente, P; Mitra, G; Poojari, CA; Kyriakis, T
1993Solving large scale linear programmingHafsteinsson, H; Levkovitz, R; Mitra, G
2003Stochastic programming and scenario generation within a simulation framework : An information systems perspectiveDi Domenica, N; Mitra, G; Vale, P; Valente, P
2003Stochastic programming and scenario generation within a simulation framework : An information systems perspectiveDi Domenica, N; Birbilis, G; Mitra, G; Valente, P
2011Supply chain network design under uncertainty and riskMitra, G; Lucas, CA; Hollmann, Dominik
1988Tools for modelling support and construction of optimization applicationsMitra, G
1992Tools for reformulating logical forms into zero-one mixed integer programs (MIPS)Lucas, CA; Mitra, G; Moody, S
1990Transformation of propositional calculus statements into integer and mixed integer programs: An approach towards automatic reformulationHadjiconstantinou, E; Mitra, G
2005Treasury Management Model with Foreign Exchange ExposureVolosov, K; Mitra, G; Spagnolo, F; Lucas, CA
1988A tree search approach for the solution of set problems using alternative relaxationsEl-Darzi, E; Mitra, G
2004A Two Stage Parallel Branch and Bound Algorithm for Mixed Integer programsNwana, V; Darby-Dowman, K; Mitra, G
1994Zero-one IP problems: Polyhedral descriptions & cutting plane proceduresAbdul-Hamid, F; Mitra, G; Yarrow, L
Showing results 45 to 64 of 64
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