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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Exploring fuzzy cognitive mapping for IS evaluation: A research noteSharif, A M; Irani, Z
2008Exploring the relationship between knowledge management and organizational learning via fuzzy cognitive mappingSharif, A M; Irani, Z
2006Extending the enterprise: An evaluation of ERP and EAI technologies within a Case Study organisationSharif, A M; Irani, Z
1999Harnessing agile concepts for the development of intelligent systemsSharif, A M
2005How professional is professional advice ?Sharif, A M
2009Identifying reverse 3PL performance critical success factorsSharif, A M
2008Information, knowledge and the context of interactionSharif, A M
2007Information technology and performance management for build-to-order supply chainsSharif, A M; Irani, Z; Lloyd, D
2005Integrating ERP using EAI: A model for post-hoc evaluationSharif, A M; Irani, Z; Love, P E D
2003Integrating information and knowledge for enterprise innovationBadii, A; Sharif, A M
2004Integrating the IS with the enterprise: Key EAI research challengesSharif, A M; Elliman, T; Badii, A
2005Knowledge dependencies in fuzzy information systems evaluationSharif, A M; Irani, Z
2006Knowledge management: A neuro-hemispherical view of the fieldSharif, A M
2010The knowledge management kaleidoscope: Keeping stakeholders and their expectations in focusBraganza, A; Sharif, A M
2007Knowledge mapping for information systems evaluation in manufacturingIrani, Z; Sharif, A M; Love, P E D
2005Linking knowledge transformation to information systems evaluationIrani, Z; Sharif, A M; Love, P E D
2002The logistics of information managementSharif, A M
1997The management of intelligence-assisted finite element analysis technologySharif, A M
2009Mapping knowledge management and organizational learning in support of organizational memoryIrani, Z; Sharif, A M; Love, P E D
2008Perspectives on information and supply chains within investment bankingSharif, A M
Showing results 15 to 34 of 44
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