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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Current-source-based low frequency inverter topologyDarwish, M; Moghadam, Mansour Salehi
2016Development of alternative pulse width modulation methods for conventional and multilevel voltage source invertersDarwish, M; Paterakis, Fotis Konstantinos
2017Development of a statistical model for household electrical appliances: a case study Hillingdon Borough of London in the UKDarwish, M; Pisica, I; Sheboniea, Mussa A M
2015Effects of overvoltage on power consumptionDarwish, M; Dimitriadis, Panagiotis
2016Electrical power energy optimization at hydrocarbon industrial plant using intelligent algorithmsDarwish, M; Al-Hajri, Muhammad T
2016Energy management in hospitals: A case study of the Saudi Ministry of HealthDarwish, M; Alhurayess, Saleh
2014Harmonic correction in power supplies feeding non-linear loadsDimitriadis, P; Darwish, M
2016A high efficiency photovoltaic inverter system configuration with maximum power point trackingDarwish, M; Alqarni, Mohammed
2016Impact of high penetration of renewable energy sources on the relay coordination of distribution systemDarwish, M; Olatoke, Abraham Oladele
2017Impact of hybrid distributed generation allocation on short circuit currents in distribution systemsDarwish, M; Taylor, G; Afifi, Sara Nader
2015Investigation into using Stand-Alone Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (SABIPV) as a fundamental solution for Saudi rural areas and studying the expected impactsDarwish, M; Zobaa, A; Albaz, Abdulkarim
2016Losses and cost optimisation of PV multilevel voltage source inverter with integrated passive power filtersDarwish, M; Alamri, Basem Rashid
2014Modular OrCAD simulation approach in teaching power electronicsDarwish, M; Marouchos, C
2014Online control of AC/AC converter based SHEPWM techniqueHashem, GM; Darwish, M
2016An optimization approach for a RFID-enabled passport tracking systemDukyil, A; Mohammed, A; Darwish, M
2015Optimum SHE for cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverters using: NR-GA-PSO, comparative studyAlamri, B; Sallama, A; Darwish, M
2016Power electronics considerations for voltage regulation and VAR control approaches in LV distribution networks - hybrid power electronic modulesDarwish, M; Zobaa, A; Radi, Mohammed A. M.
2015Power loss investigation in HVDC for cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverters (CHB-MLI)Alamri, B; Darwish, M
2014Precise modelling of switching and conduction losses in cascaded h-bridge multilevel invertersAlamri, B; Darwish, M
2015Short circuit study of fixed speed wind turbines with STATCOM in distribution networksNaain, MM; Zobaa, AF; Darwish, M