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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The application of phase change materials to cool buildingsDehouche, Z; Craig, S; Susman, Gideon
2015The development and characterisation of enhanced hybrid solar photovoltaic thermal systemsDehouche, Z; Allan, James
2008Effect of activated alloys on hydrogen discharge kinetics of MgH2 nanocrystalsDehouche, Z; Peretti, HA; Hamoudi, S; Yoo, Y; Belkacemi, K
2016Enhancing the thermal conductivity of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) in a photovoltaic thermal collectorAllan, J; Pinder, H; Dehouche, Z
2009Experimental study on a metal hydride based hydrogen compressorLaurencelle, F; Dehouche, Z; Morin, F; Goyette, J
2014Investigating the impact and reaction pathway of toluene on a SOFC running on syngasDoyle, TS; Dehouche, Z; Aravind, PV; Liu, M; Stankovic, S
2014Nanostructured silicon oxide film for enhanced crystalline solar cellTahhan, A; Dehouche, Z; Anson, T; Fern, G
2015Performance testing of thermal and photovoltaic thermal solar collectorsAllan, J; Dehouche, Z; Stankovic, S; Mauricette, L
2015Photovoltaic cells energy performance enhancement with down-converting photoluminescence phosphorsTahhan, A; Dehouche, Z; Fern, GR; Haverkamp, E
2016The potential to generate solar hydrogen for cooking applications: Case studies of Ghana, Jamaica and IndonesiaTopriska, E; Kolokotroni, M; Dehouche, Z; Notievo, DT; Wilson, EA
2012Predicted and in situ performance of a solar air collector incorporating a translucent granular aerogel coverDowson, M; Pegg, I; Harrison, DJ; Dehouche, Z
2015Solar hydrogen system for cooking applications: Experimental and numerical studyTopriska, E; Kolokotroni, M; Dehouche, Z; Wilson, E
2011Tests of prototype PCM 'sails' for office coolingSusman, G; Dehouche, Z; Cheechern, T; Craig, S
2014Titanium dioxide nanoparticles for enhanced monocrystalline solar cellBreda, C; Dehouche, Z; Tahhan, A; Anson, T; Fern, GR
2014Trombe walls with nanoporous aerogel insulation applied to UK housing refurbishmentsDowson, M; Harrison, D; Dehouche, Z