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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A.C.Electroluminescent Lamps: Shedding some light on their mysteriesHarris, PG; den Engelsen, D; Fern, G; Silver, J
2015Blue and Red Cathodoluminescent Emission of Y2O3:Eu Phosphor Studied as a Function of Temperature in a Transmission Electron MicroscopeFern, G; Lipman, A; Silver, J; Howkins, A; Ireland, T, et al
2015Cathodoluminescence and electron microscopy of red quantum dots used for display applicationsFern, G; Silver, J; Coe-Sullivan, S
2014Cathodoluminescence studies of phosphors in a scanning electron microscopeHarris, P; Den engelsen, D; Ireland, T; Fern, G; Silver, J
2015Coating ZnO:Zn Nanoparticles with Alumina for Polymer ProtectionSilver, J; Li, R; Fern, G; Bishop, P; Thiebaut, B
2017Diamond based detectors for high temperature, high radiation environmentsMetcalfe, A; Fern, G; Hobson, P; Smith, DR; Lefeuvre, G, et al
2000Factors affecting efficiency in submicron phosphors: Implications for screens for high definition displays, LEDsVecht, A; Martinez-Rubio, MI; Ireland, TG; Silver, J; Fern, G, et al
2015Invited: By Understanding How Light Emission Depends on Size, Morphology and Phase in Inorganic Phosphor Materials, Can We Deduce Properties to Design Efficient Nanostructures for Tomorrows Industrial NeedsFern, G; Silver, J; Dhillon, R; Engelsen, DD; Ireland, T, et al
2014Invited Red Quantum Rods under the Electron MicroscopeFern, G; Silver, J; Jochum, T; Niehaus, JS; Schroder-Oeynhausen, F, et al
2015Invited Talk: Electron Microscopy of Quantum Dots for Display ApplicationsFern, G; Silver, J; Ireland, T; Howkins, A; Hobson, PH, et al
2014Nanostructured silicon oxide film for enhanced crystalline solar cellTahhan, A; Dehouche, Z; Anson, T; Fern, G
2016New assessment criteria for durability evaluation of highly repellent surfacesTaylor, A; Boyd, I; Fern, G; Wojdyla-Cieslak, Anna Maria
2017New Developments in Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy for the Study of Luminescent MaterialsSilver, J; Ireland, T; Fern, G; Harris, P
2016Novel Approach to the Manufacture of MicroLED Colour Conversion StructuresSilver, J; Harris, P; Fern, G; Bonar, J; Valentine, G, et al
2015Photoluminescence Study of Symmetry-Related Transitions in the Spectrum of Y2O3:Tb3+Engelsen, DD; Ireland, T; Silver, J; Fern, G; Harris, P
2016Plastic Packaging Recycling Using Intelligent Separation Technologies for MaterialsSilver, J; Harris, P; Fern, G; Kosier, E; Kay, M, et al
2016Red shift of CT-band in cubic Y2O3:Eu3+ upon increasing the Eu3+ concentrationden Engelsen, D; Ireland, TG; Dhillon, R; Fern, G; Harris, PG, et al
2016Simultaneous scanning transmission electron microscopy, cathodoluminescence imaging and EELS of quantum dot in rodsFern, G; Silver, J; Ireland, T; Howkins, A; Jochum, T, et al
2015Studies on the Infrared Emitting ZnCdS:Cu, In, Cl Phosphors –Phosphors for Marking, Coding, and Identification–Silver, J; Marsh, P; Fern, G
2015Symmetry-related transitions in the photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectra of nanosized cubic Y2O3:Tb3+den Engelsen, D; Harris, PG; Ireland, TG; Fern, G; Silver, J