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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Editorial for the special section on Empirical Studies in Software Engineering Selected, extended papers from the Eighteenth International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, May 13th-14th 2014, London, UKHall, T; Counsell, S; Myrtveit, I
2014Filling the gaps of development logs and bug issue dataRomo, BA; Capiluppi, A; Hall, T
2017How Good Are My Tests?Bowes, D; Hall, T; Petric, J; Shippey, T; Turhan, B
2014The impact of communication on trust in agile methodsHall, T; Shepperd, M; Hasnian, Eisha
2016Improving the quality of bug data in software repositoriesCapiluppi, A; Hall, T; Auwal, Bilyaminu Romo
2017A method to disseminate and communicate IS research outputs beyond academiaHall, T; Macredie, RD; Alwzinani, Faris
2016Mutation-aware fault predictionBowes, D; Hall, T; Harman, M; Jia, Y; Sarro, F, et al
2017The relationship between evolutionary coupling and defects in large industrial softwareKirbas, S; Caglayan, B; Hall, T; Counsell, S; Bowes, D, et al
2014Researcher bias: The use of machine learning in software defect predictionShepperd, M; Bowes, D; Hall, T
2017Software Defect Prediction: Do Different Classifiers Find the Same Defects?Hall, T
2015Software fault characteristics: A synthesis of the literatureHall, T; Bowes, D; Counsell, S; Moonen, L; Yamashita, A
2012A systematic review of fault prediction performance in software engineeringHall, T; Beecham, S; Bowes, D; Gray, D; Counsell, S