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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An adaptive learning particle swarm optimizer for function optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2010Adaptive learning particle swarm optimizer-II for global optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2008An adaptive mutation operator for particle swarm optimizationLi, C; Yang, S; Korejo, I
2008Benchmark generator for CEC 2009 competition on dynamic optimizationLi, C; Yang, S; Nguyen, T T; Yu, E L; Yao, X, et al
2009A clustering particle swarm optimizer for dynamic optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2010A clustering particle swarm optimizer for locating and tracking multiple optima in dynamic environmentsYang, S; Li, C
2009A comparative study of adaptive mutation operators for metaheuristicsKorejo, I; Yang, S; Li, C
2003Demographics and financial asset prices in the major industrial economiesDavis, EP; Li, C
2010A directed mutation operator for real coded genetic algorithmsKorejo, I; Yang, S; Li, C
2013Electroweak measurements in electron-positron collisions at W-boson-pair energies at LEPSchael, S; Barate, R; Brunelière, R; Buskulic, D; De Bonis, I, et al
2008Fast multi-swarm optimization for dynamic optimization problemsLi, C; Yang, S
2011A general framework of multi-population methods with clustering in undetectable dynamic environmentsLi, C; Yang, S
2008A generalized approach to construct benchmark problems for dynamic optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2008An island based hybrid evolutionary algorithm for optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2011A self-learning particle swarm optimizer for global optimization problemsLi, C; Yang, S; Nguyen, T T
2009A sequence based genetic algorithm with local search for the travelling salesman problemArshad, S; Yang, S; Li, C