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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adding mass to the shoe does not affect ball velocity in a soccer penalty kickLinthorne, NP; Cripps, S; Byrne, JA
2001Analysis of standing vertical jumps using a force platformLinthorne, NP
2006Changes in long jump take-off technique with increasing run-up speedBridgett, LA; Linthorne, NP
1988Determination of the gravitational constant at an effective mass separation of 22 mMoore, GI; Stacey, FD; Tuck, GJ; Goodwin, B; Linthorne, NP, et al
1987Development of a 1.5-tonne niobium gravitational radiational antennaVeitch, PJ; Blair, DG; Linthorne, NP; Mann, LD; Ramm, DK
2017Effect of altitude on 100-m sprint times: An analysis of race times from the finals at major championshipsLinthorne, NP
2013Effect of lower body explosive power on sprint time in a sled-towing exerciseMartínez-Valencia, MA; Linthorne, NP; Alcaraz, PE
2017Effect of projection variables on throw distance and flight time in an American football throwLinthorne, NP; Modebe, A-SN
2015Effect of the location of the foot impact point on ball velocity in a soccer penalty kickRavenscroft, JC; Linthorne, NP
2011Effects of a sand running surface on the kinematics of sprinting at maximum velocityAlcaraz, PE; Palao, JM; Elvira, JLL; Linthorne, NP
2012Effects of run-up velocity on performance, kinematics, and energy exchanges in the pole vaultLinthorne, NP; Weetman, AHG
2013A mathematical modelling study of an athlete's sprint time when towing a weighted sledLinthorne, NP
2006A new angle on throwingLinthorne, NP
2013Optimum projection angle for attaining maximum distance in a rugby place kickLinthorne, NP; Stokes, TG
2011Optimum projection angle for attaining maximum distance in a soccer punt kickLinthorne, NP; Patel, DS
2005Optimum take-off angle in the long jumpLinthorne, NP; Guzman, MS; Bridgett, LA
2005Optimum take-off angle in the standing long jumpWakai, M; Linthorne, NP
2006Release angle for attaining maximum distance in the soccer throw-inLinthorne, NP; Everett, DA
1992Superconducting re-entrant cavity transducer for a resonant bar gravitational radiation antennaLinthorne, NP; Blair, DG