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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Choice: D1.3 e-book “Roadmap towards strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation” – second end of year reportOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014CHOICE Internal Report I-2, Chinese Regional and Local Funding Bodies for Scientific and Technical ResearchOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-3: EU member state cooperation with China in ICT R&D&IOwens, TJ; Feng, Y; itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-5: Clustering for Success: Cluster to establish EU-ChinaOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-6: Support available for innovation in ICT R&D&I in China: Protecting IPROwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2015D2,1 Online mapping of Chinese and European ICT industrial as sociations – Progress reportMo, T; Owens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2015D2.7 Online mapping of Chinese and European ICT industrial associations – Final reportMo, T; Owens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2004Demonstrating the feasibility of standardized application program interfaces that will allow mobile/portable terminals to receive services combining UMTS and DVB-THeidkamp, B; Pohl, A; Schiek, U; Klinkenberg, F; Hynynen, J, et al
2007Differentiated service delivery in cooperative IP-based broadcast and mobile telecommunications networksCentonza, A; Owens, TJ; Cosmas, J; Song, YH
2014E-book: Roadmap towards strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperationOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2008Intersystem soft handover for converged DVB-H and UMTS networksYang, X; Owens, TJ
2010A medium to long term roadmap for access services on DTVItagaki, T; Owens, TJ; Cunningham, P; Cunningham, M
2001Modelling issues of wireless LANs for accident and emergency departmentsBanitsas, KA; Istepanian, RSH; Tachakra, S; Owens, TJ
2004OFDM over IEEE 802.11b hardware for telemedical applicationsBanitsas, KA; Song, YH; Owens, TJ
2006On the performance of densified DVB-H single frequency networksZhang, C; Owens, TJ; Song, YH
2015Secure and robust multi-constrained QoS aware routing algorithm for VANETsEiza, MH; Owens, TJ; Ni, Q
2001Securing a medical wireless LAN systemOwens, TJ; Tachakra, S; Banitsas, KA; Istepanian, RSH
2007Selection of EAP-authentication methods in WLANsAli, KM; Owens, TJ
2015Situation-aware QoS routing algorithm for vehicular Ad hoc networksEiza, MH; Owens, TJ; Ni, Q; Shi, Q
2006Stochastic user behaviour modelling and network simulation for resource management in cooperation with mobile telecommunications and broadcast networksCentonza, A; Taylor, GA; Itagaki, T; Owens, TJ; Cosmas, J, et al