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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The BBC under scrutiny (Again)Petley, J
1998A case of mistaken identityPetley, J
2016Don't Mention the WarPetley, J; Bird, S; Fulbrook, M; Wagner, J; Wienand, C
2004Fourth-rate estatePetley, J
2003Foxy businessPetley, J
2016Harbingers of the Future: Rupert Murdoch's Takeover of the News of the World OrganisationPetley, J; Brake, L; Kaul, C; Turner, M
2015Investigating the ‘empire of secrecy’ — three decades of reporting on the secret statePetley, J; Lashmar, Paul
2010The invisible scissors: Media freedom and censorship in SwitzerlandPetley, J; Höchli, Marc
2004Is there a British film industry?Petley, J
2007New labour, old moralityPetley, J
2006Nonsense on StiltsPetley, J
2009Pornography, panopticism and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008Petley, J
2014The professional officer class in post-war cinema – or how British films learned to stop worrying and love the affluent societyPetley, J; Hunt, L; Roberts, Andrew
2014The regulation of pornography on video-on-demand in the United KingdomPetley, J
2002The re-regulation of broadcasting: Or the mill owners’ triumphPetley, J
2006The retreat of reasonPetley, J
2016The Revolution that wasn'tPetley, J
1998Smashed hits: OverviewPetley, J
2014The state journalism is in: Edward Snowden and the British pressPetley, J
2008Television news and the symbolic criminalisation of young peopleWayne, M; Henderson, L; Murray, C; Petley, J