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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Backward difference replacements of the space derivative in first order hyperbolic equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
1983A family of difference schemes for fourth order parabolic partial differential equationsKhaliq, AQM; Twizell, EH
1994Finite-difference solutions of tenth-order boundary-value problemsTwizell, EH; Siddiqui, Aijaz Ahmad
1986Global extrapolation procedures for special and general initial value problemsKhaliq, AQM; Twizell, EH
1997Higher-order finite-difference methods for partial differential equationsTwizell, EH; Cheema, Tasleem Akhter
1995Higher order parallel splitting methods for parabolic partial differential equationsTwizell, EH; Taj, Malik Shahadat Ali
1982Lo - stable methods for parabolic partial differential equationsKhaliq, AQM; Twizell, EH
1982Multiderivative methods for periodic initial value problemsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
1983Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations with applications to partial differential equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, Abdul Qayyum Masud
1999Numerical modelling of dynamical systems in isothermal chemical reactions and morphogenesisTwizell, EH; Cinar, Zeynep Aysun
1998Numerical modelling of some systems in the biomedical sciencesTwizell, EH; Matar, SA; Al-Showaikh, Faisal
1993Numerical modelling of tidal flows in the Arabian gulfTwizell, EH; Bashir, Mohammad
1981One step multiderivative methods for first order ordinary differential equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
2001Spatio-temporal numerical modelling of whooping cough dynamicsTwizell, EH; Piyawong, Wirawan
1981Stability regions for one-step multiderivative methodsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM