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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973High frequency diffraction by a hard circular discNewby, J C
1973Finite-difference solution of poisson's equation in rectangles of arbitrary shapeRosser, J B
1973Numerical solution of steady state diffusion problems containing singularitiesWhiteman, J R
1973Studies of the electrical properties and electroforming of thin insulating filmsGould, Robert David
1973Labour input measurement and the theory of the labour marketWisniewski, T; Thomas, J; Krimpas, George
1973The impact of the military in the third world: A study of some aspects of military intervention and defence procurement on developing economiesVaizey, J; Kennedy, Gavin
1973Compatable smooth interpolation in trianglesBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA
1974Transient electric birefringence of macromolecular systemsJennings, SR; Rudd, PJ
1974Theory and measurements of thyristors with particular reference to lateral effectsFulop, W; Joadat-Ghassabi, MR
1974Studies on the toxicity of phosphine and methyl bromide to four moth pests of stored products with special emphasis of diapauseOnions, TG; Howe, RW; Bell, Christopher Hugh
1974Smooth interpolation without twist constraintsGregory, JA
1974Local mesh refinement with finite elements for elliptic problemsGregory, JA; Whiteman, JR
1974The uniform approximation of polynomials by polynomials of lower degreeTalbot, A
1974Symmetric smooth interpolation on trianglesGregory, JA
1974The zeros of partial sums of a maclaurin expansionTalbot, A
1974Groups of type (p,p) acting on p-solution groupsRae, A
1974Applications of continued fractions in one and more variablesMurphy, JA; O'Donohoe, MR
1974Variational inequations and approximationNoor, MA
1974Error estimates for some quadrature formulaeMurphy, JA; Drew, DM
1974Error analysis of galerkin methods for dirichlet problems containing boundary singularitiesBarnhill, RE; Whiteman, JR