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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973Moving grid method without interpolationsGupta, R
1973High frequency diffraction by a hard circular discNewby, J C
1973Diffusion in composite media part i : steady-stateBell, GE; Crank, J
1973On the use of crude eigenvalue bounds in the solution of robbin's problemsIordandis, KI
1973Smooth polynomial interpolation to boundary data on trianglesBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA
1973Cubic spline interpolation of harmonic functionsPapamichael, N; Whiteman, J R
1973Continued fractions with error estimates for some special functionsMurphy, JA; Drew, DM
1974Adsorptive properties of chromium oxides and silicaSing, KSW; Baker, Frederick Stanley
1974The evaluation of an organophosphate thermosetting resin for use in a high temperature resistant composite and a study of chemistry of ionomer cementsRedfarn, CA; Hodd, KA; Reader, AL
1974Transient electric birefringence of macromolecular systemsJennings, SR; Rudd, PJ
1974Theory and measurements of thyristors with particular reference to lateral effectsFulop, W; Joadat-Ghassabi, MR
1974Branch points, m. Fractions, and rational functions matching both derivatives and valuesMurphy, JA; Drew, DM
1974Cybernetic thinking and share-price predictionHartley, Roger T
1974Studies on the changes in protein fluorescence and enzymic activity of aspartate aminotransferase on binding of pyridoxal 5'-PhosphateEvans, RW; Holbrook, J
1974Electroforming and electron emission in metal-borosilicate glass-metal structuresHogarth, CA; Zadeh Taheri, Ebrahim Hossein
1974The uniform approximation of polynomials by polynomials of lower degreeTalbot, A
1974Symmetric smooth interpolation on trianglesGregory, JA
1974Langrangian finite element and finite difference methods for poisson problemsWhiteman, J R
1974Local mesh refinement with finite elements for elliptic problemsGregory, JA; Whiteman, JR
1974Groups of type (p,p) acting on p-solution groupsRae, A