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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Ppattern evaluation based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition filter via non-linear approachesSadrawi, M; Sun, W-Z; Ma, MH-M; Dia, C-Y; Abbod, M, et al
2006Care: an integrated framework to support continuous, adaptable, reflective evaluation of eGovernment systems: A research noteOrange, Graham; Burke, Alan; Elliman, Tony; Ah Lian, Kor
2006CARE: An integrated framework to support continuous, adaptable, reflective evaluation of egovernment systems: A research noteBurke, A; Elliman, T; Ah Lian, K
2003The career choice of first year occupational therapy students: A follow up studyCraik, C; Zaccaria, J-M
2004Career progress and career barriers: Women MBA graduates in Canada and the UKSimpson, R; Sturges, J; Woods, A; Altman, Y
2003Careers advisors’ opinion of the College of Occupational Therapists Careers VideoCraik, C; Mitchell, S
2014Career self-management in ascription cultureKumra, S; Alhaddad, Masalek
2007Caring for the community: An exploratory comparison of waste reduction behaviour by British and Brazilian consumersBekin, C; Carrigan, M; Szmigin, I
2012The car manufacturer (CM) and third party logistics provider (TPLP) relationship in the outbound delivery channel: A qualitative study of the Malaysian automotive industrySharif, A; Melewar, TC; Abdul Rahman, Nor Aida
2010Carotid plaque stress analysis by fluid structure interaction based on in-vivo MRI: Implications to plaque vulnerability assessmentLong, Q; Gao, Hao
2012Carotid plaque vulnerability assessment by microscopic morphology analysis, ultrasound and 3D model reconstructionLong, Q; Choudhury, Ahsan
2003Case-based reasoning and software engineeringShepperd, M J
2012The case for a dual-process theory of transitive reasoningWright, BC
2000A case for dialogic practice: A reconceptualisation of ‘inappropriate’ demand for and organisation of out of hours general practice services for children under fiveRobinson, I; Ehrich, Kathryn
2013The case of customer recruitment processes: Dynamic evolution of customer relationship management resource networksBraganza, A; Stebbings, H; Ngosi, T
1998A case of mistaken identityPetley, J
2014The CASE Programme Implemented Across the Primary and Secondary School Transition in IrelandMcCormack, L; Finlayson, OE; McCloughlin, TJJ
2008A case study in model-driven synthetic biologyGilbert, D; Heiner, M; Rosser, S; Fulton, R; Gu, X, et al
2006A case study investigation into the diffusion of e-mediated learning technology in UK higher educationHarris, L; Lewis, P; Grewal, Simran Kaur
2003A case study of MMO2's Madic: A framework for creating mobile internet systemsOlla, P; Patel, N; Atkinson, C