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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Board governance and corporate performanceShaukat, A; Trojanowski, G
2017Board of directors’ dynamics, board effectiveness and organisational performance: the case of Nordic regionPastra, Aspasia S.
2014The Board of Directors in Greek Football Clubs: 2005-2014Koufopoulos, D; Nastos, G
2014Boards in Greek maritime listed companies: Findings from the fifth annual researchKoufopoulos, D; Pastra, A
2017Board structure and organisational performance - an empirical study in the country of PakistanTabassum, Naeem
2000Boats, caves, spies and stories: A narrative study of outdoor management development programmes in the United KingdomStokes, Peter John
2010Bodies and everyday practices in designed urban environmentsRose, G; Basdas, B
2013Bodies and labour: industrialisation, dance and performanceMcColl, Jennifer
2016Bodies of knowledge: connecting the evidence bases on physical activity and health inequalitiesKay, T
2015Bodily attractiveness and egalitarianism are negatively related in males.Price, ME; Brown, S; Dukes, A; Kang, J
2017Bodrum-Kos (Turkey-Greece) Mw 6.6 earthquake and tsunami of 20 July 2017: a test for the Mediterranean tsunami warning systemHeidarzadeh, M; Necmioglu, O; Ishibe, T; Yalciner, AC
2017Body dissatisfaction, perceptions of competence and lesson content in physical educationHaerens, L; Kirk, D
2003The body, health, and healing in alternative and integrated medicine: An ethnography of homeopathy in South LondonBarry, Christine Ann
2016Body politics: a critical analysis of the sexualisation of popular culture and the rise of lads’ magsTippett, Anna
2013Body shape preferences: Associations with rater body shape and sociosexualityPrice, ME; Pound, N; Dunn, J; Hopkins, S; Kang, J
2017The body-space relations of research(ed) on bodies: the experiences of becoming participant researchersWainwright, E; Marandet, E; Rizvi, S
2014Body, time, and the others: African-American anthropology and the rewriting of ethnographic conventions in the ethnographies by Zora Neale Hurston and Katherine DunhamVolpi, Serena Isolina
2010'Body training': Investigating the embodied training choices of/for mothers in West LondonWainwright, E; Buckingham, S; Marandet, E; Smith, F
-Body weight perceptions, obesity and health behaviours in JamaicaPearce, V; Dibb, B; Gaines, SO
2011Boger fluid flow through hyperbolic contraction microchannelsCampo-Deaño, L; Galindo-Rosales, FJ; Oliveira, MSN; Alves, MA; Pinho, FT; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)