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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Bump extraction algorithm for variable amplitude fatigue loadingAbdullah, S; Choi, JC; Giacomin, J; Yates, JR
2016Burden of disease and costs of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in the European Union: an updated analysis.Trasande, L; Zoeller, RT; Hass, U; Kortenkamp, A; Grandjean, P, et al
2005The burden of non communicable diseases in developing countriesBoutayeb, A; Boutayeb, S
2002Bureaucratic limits of firm size: Empirical analysis using transaction cost economicsSamouel, P; Price, D; Canbäck, Staffan
2007Burnt to memory: Data extraction from heat damaged mobile phonesJones, BJ
2008Bursting the broadband bubbleGhinea, G; Papazafeiropoulou, N; Enabulele, Elizabeth Abimbola
2016Business cycles, international trade and capital flows: Evidence from Latin AmericaCaporale, GM; Girardi, A
2007Business Grid ServicesBell, D; Lycett, M; de Cesare, S; Hung, P; Wu, T
2003Business is joined-up thinkingSharif, A M
2012A business model perspective for ICTs in public engagementPanagiotopoulos, P; Al-Debei, MM; Fitzgerald, G; Elliman, T
2009Business model requirements and challenges in the mobile telecommunication sectorAl-Debei, MM; Avison, D
2014Business models in health care: Accounting for the sustainability of palliative and end of life care provision by voluntary hospices' in EnglandTheodosopoulos, G; Haslam, C; Tsitsianis, N
2009A business planning framework for WiMAX applicationsDe Coster, R
2000Business process re-engineering (BPR): The REBUS approachHlupic, V; Choudrie, J; Patel, N
2006Business process simulation: An alternative modelling technique for the information system development processElliman, T; Hatzakis, T; Serrano, A
2013Business School corporate brand identitiesSyed Alwi, SF; CheHa, N; Yen, D
2006The business-social policy nexus: Corporate power and corporate inputs into social policyFarnsworth, K; Holden, C
Oct-2014Busy doing nothing: An exploration of the disconnect between gender equity issues faced by large law firms in the United Kingdom and the diversity management initiatives devised to address themKumra, S
2016But is it science?Watts, DM; Salehjee, S; Essex, J
1997Butt fusion welding of polyethylene pipesRashid, Haroon