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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bond characteristics between early aged fly ash concrete and reinforcing steel bar after fireLi, Q; Huang, X; Huang, Z; Yuan, G
2000Bond graph analysis in robust engineering designAtherton, MA; Bates, RA
2008Bond graph based sensitivity and uncertainty analysis modelling for micro-scale multiphysics robust engineering designPerry, M; Atherton, MA; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP
2010Bonding and debonding mechanism of pressure sensitive adhesivesSong, W; Akogyeram, Samuel
2017Bonding mechanisms and strength of hooked-end steel fibre reinforced cementitious compositesFan, Mizi; Zhou, X; Abdallah, Sadoon Mushrif
2014Bond-slip analysis via a cohesive-zone model simulating damage, friction and interlockingSerpieri, R; Varricchio, L; Sacco, E; Alfano, G
2017Bond-slip behaviour of steel fibres in concrete after exposure to elevated temperaturesAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Cashell, KA
2016Book Review: Delivering family justice in the 21st centuryKaganas, FR
2016Book Review: Domestic violence law and practiceBarnett, A
2012Book review: Dorothy L Hodgson: Being Maasai, becoming indigenous: Postcolonial politics in a neoliberal worldWhittaker, HA
2014Book Review: Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline Donald, Bad News for Refugees, Pluto Press: London, 2013; 203 pp.: £15.00.Weaver, S
2014Book Review: Israeli Constitutional Law in the making, edited by Gideon Sapir, Daphne Barak-Erez, Aharon BarakOlowofoyeku, AA
2016Book Review: Palestinians in Jerusalem and Jaffa, 1948: A Tale of Two CitiesHughes, M
2015Book Review: Sam Friedman, Comedy and distinction: The cultural currency of a ‘Good’ sense of humour. Abingdon: Routledge, 2014, £85 hbk (ISBN: 9780415855037), 228 pp.Weaver, S
2017Book Review: Watson, Cate. 2015. Comedy and Social Science. Towards a Methodology of Funny. New York and London: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. 185pp.Weaver, S
2016Book Review: Working to laugh: assembling difference in American stand-up comedy venues, by James M. Thomas, Lanham, Boulder, New York and London, Lexington Books, 2015, viii+173pp., £52.95 (hardback), ISBN 978-0739189559Weaver, S
2013The boom and bust cycle of biobanking-thinking through the life cycle of biobanksTupasela, A; Stephens, N
2007Boosting BCG with recombinant modified vaccinia ankara expressing antigen 85A: Different boosting intervals and implications for efficacy trialsPathan, AA; Sander, CR; Fletcher, HA; Poulton, I; Alder, NC, et al
2015Boosting histogram-based denoising methods with gpu optimizationsSzeracki, S; Roth, T; Hinkenjann, A; Li, Y
2012Bootstrap innovational outlier unit root tests in dependent panelsCostantini, M; Gutierrez, L