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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Boundary element modelling and full scale measurement of the acoustic performance of outdoor noise barriersChandler-Wilde, SN; Morgan, Philip Alan
2014Boundary-mode operation of the boost converter for thermoelectric generator maximum power trackingTheodoridis, M
1994Boundary value problems for the Helmholtz equation in a half-planeChandler-Wilde, SN
1991Boundary value problems of elasticity theory for plane domains with one-dimensional elastic reinforcementsMikhailov, SE; Namestnikova, IV
2011Bounded H∞ synchronization and state estimation for discrete time-varying stochastic complex for discrete time-varying stochastic complex networks over a finite horizonShen, B; Wang, Z; Liu, X
1994Bounds for the harmonious chromatic number of a graphKrasikov, I; Roditty, Y
2010The BP Deepwater Horizon débâcle and corporate brand exuberanceBalmer, JMT
2002BPR initiatives: The impacts of IT and organisational customs and practicesHlupic, V; O'Keefe, R; Al-Hashdi, Manal Ahmed MN
2001Brain activity and fatigue during prolonged exercise in the heatNielsen, B; Hyldig, T; Bidstrup, F; Gonzalez-Alonso, J; Christoffersen, GRJ
2011Brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression predicts adverse pathological & clinical outcomes in human breast cancerPatani, N; Jiang, WG; Mokbel, K
2007Brain Localisation of Memory Chunks in ChessplayersCampitelli, G; Gobet, F; Head, K; Buckley, M; Parker, A
2016Brain mechanisms that underlie the effects of motivational audiovisual stimuli on psychophysiological responses during exerciseBigliassi, M; Silva, VB; Karageorghis, CI; Bird, JM; Santos, PC, et al
2007Brain regions concerned with perceptual skills in tennis: An fMRI studyWright, MJ; Jackson, RC
2013Brain regions concerned with the identification of deceptive soccer moves by higher-skilled and lower-skilled playersWright, MJ; Bishop, DT; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, B
2014The brain's response to pleasant touch: an EEG investigation of tactile caressingSingh, H; Bauer, M; Chowanski, W; Sui, Y; Atkinson, D, et al
2005Branch-coverage testability transformation for unstructured programsHierons, RM; Harman, M; Fox, CJ
1974Branch points, m. Fractions, and rational functions matching both derivatives and valuesMurphy, JA; Drew, DM
2017A Brand Culture Approach to Managing Nation-BrandsYalkin, C
2012The brand, culture & stakeholder-based brand management phenomenon: an international Delphi studyFan, Y; Irani, Z; Balmer, JMT; Wilson, Jonathan
2009Branding the nation: Towards a better understandingFan, Y