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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Chinese cultural features for new product design developmentAjovalasit, M; Harrison, D; Wang, Yu-Han
1995Chinese cultural values and entrepreneurshipFan, Y
1996Chinese peasant entrepreneurs: an examination of township and villageFan, Y; Chen, N; Kirby, D
2012Chinua Achebe's Biafran StoryMorrison, J
2009The chiral Gaussian two-matrix ensemble of real asymmetric matricesAkemann, G; Phillips, MJ; Sommers, HJ
2007Chiral random two-matrix theory and QCD with imaginary chemical potentialAkemann, G
1997The chiral supereigenvalue modelAkemann, G; Plefka, JC
2012The choice among non-callable bonds and make whole, claw back and otherwise ordinary callable bondsBooth, LD; Gounopoulos, D; Skinner, F
2009Choice architecture and design with intentLockton, D; Harrison, DJ; Stanton, NA
2014The Choice Between Callable And Noncallable BondsBooth, L; Gounopoulos, D; Skinner, F
2014Choice: D1.3 e-book “Roadmap towards strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation” – second end of year reportOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2015CHOICE Deliverable D5.2 Public report on the projectBrunel
2014CHOICE Internal Report I-2, Chinese Regional and Local Funding Bodies for Scientific and Technical ResearchOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-3: EU member state cooperation with China in ICT R&D&IOwens, TJ; Feng, Y; itagaki, T
2015CHOICE Internal report I-4: The current status of ICT R&D&I for Chinese Eco-CitiesOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-5: Clustering for Success: Cluster to establish EU-ChinaOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-6: Support available for innovation in ICT R&D&I in China: Protecting IPROwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice of State Estimation Solution Process for Medium Voltage Distribution SystemsNusrat, N; Irving, MR; Taylor, GA
2015CHOICE_ WP1_D1.3 and D1.5 E-book “Roadmap towards strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation” – second end of year report and CHOICE Action planOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2015CHOICE_ WP2_D2.1_ Online mapping of Chinese and European ICT industrial associationsOwens, TJ; Mo, T; Itagaki, T