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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Cleanliness and Godliness: A sociological study of the Good Shepherd Convent refuges for the social reformation and Christian conversion of prostitutes and convicted women in nineteenth century BritainHughes, Peter E
2010Client-server-based LBS architecture: A novel positioning module for improved positioning performanceAl-Nabhan, M; Al-Masri, S; Garaj, V; Balachandran, W; Hunaiti, Z
2012Climate change, moral panic, and civilization: on the development of global warming as a social problemHughes, J; Rohloff, Amanda
2008Clinical and cost-effectiveness analysis of an open label, single-centre, randomised trial of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) versus percutaneous myocardial laser revascularisation (PMR) in patients with refractory angina pectoris: The SPiRiT trialDyer, MT; Goldsmith, KA; Khan, SN; Sharples, LD; Freeman, C, et al
2012Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasound relative to surgical staging in potentially resectable lung cancer: results from the ASTER randomised controlled trialSharples, LD; Jackson, C; Wheaton, E; Griffith, G; Annema, JT, et al
2011The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of exercise referral schemes: A systematic review and economic evaluationPavey, TG; Anokye, N; Taylor, AH; Trueman, P; Moxham, T, et al
2000The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of methylphenidate for hyperactivity in childhoodLord, J; Paisley, S
2000The clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of rosiglitazone for type 2 diabetes mellitusLord, J; Paisley, S; Taylor, R
2015Clinical evaluation of a prototype underwear designed to detect urine leakage from continence padsLong, A; Edwards, J; Worthington, J; Cotterill, N; Weir, I, et al
2017Clinical features of children and adults with a muscular dystrophy using powered indoor/outdoor wheelchairs: disease features, comorbidities and complications of disabilityDesouza, LH; Frank, AO
2016Clinical features of children and adults with a muscular dystrophy using powered indoor/outdoor wheelchairs (EPIOCs): disease features, comorbidities and complications of disability.Desouza, LH; Frank, AO
2016Clinical features of those using powered indoor/outdoor wheelchairs (EPIOCs) with a muscular dystrophy: disease features, comorbidities and complications of disability.Desouza, LH; Frank, AO
2017Clinical guidelines for low back pain. A critical review of consensus and inconsistencies across three major guidelines.O'Connell, NE; Wand, BM; Cook, CE; Ward, SP
2017A clinically relevant in vivo model for the assessment of scaffold efficacy in abdominal wall reconstructionChan, JCY; Burugapalli, K; Huang, YS; Kelly, JL; Pandit, A
2011A clinical patient vital signs parameter measurement, processing and predictive algorithm using ECGAlshawi, S; Holzhausen, Rudolf
2010Clinical users' perspective on telemonitoring of patients with long term conditions: Understood through concepts of Giddens's structuration theory & consequence of modernitySharma, U; Barnett, J; Clarke, M
2013The clinicopathological significance of lamin A/C, lamin B1 and lamin B receptor mRNA expression in human breast cancerWazir, U; Sharma, AK; Mokbel, K; Ahmed, MH; Bridger, JM, et al
2008Cloned Access Point Detection and Point Detection and Prevention Mechanism in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Mesh NetworksKhan, S; Mast, N; Loo, KK; Silahuddin, A
2014Cloning expression and characterisation of the globular head regions of mouse CIQKishore, U; Shastri, Abhishek
2015Closure of a human tissue biobank: Individual, institutional, and field expectations during cycles of promise and disappointmentStephens, N; Dimond, R