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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Choice Internal report I-5: Clustering for Success: Cluster to establish EU-ChinaOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice Internal report I-6: Support available for innovation in ICT R&D&I in China: Protecting IPROwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2014Choice of State Estimation Solution Process for Medium Voltage Distribution SystemsNusrat, N; Irving, MR; Taylor, GA
2015CHOICE_ WP1_D1.3 and D1.5 E-book “Roadmap towards strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation” – second end of year report and CHOICE Action planOwens, TJ; Itagaki, T
2015CHOICE_ WP2_D2.1_ Online mapping of Chinese and European ICT industrial associationsOwens, TJ; Mo, T; Itagaki, T
2015CHOICE_WP_D2.7_Online mapping of Chinese and European ICT industrial associations – Final reportMo, T; Owens, TJ; Itagaki, T
1998Chomsky and Foucault on Human Nature and PoliticsWilkin, P
2007Choosing embryos: Ethical complexity and relational autonomy in staff accounts of PGDEhrich, K; Williams, C; Farsides, B; Sandall, J; Scott, R
2006Chose the right mutation rate for better evolve combinational logic circuitsStomeo, E; Kalganova, T; Lambert, C
2010The CHREST architecture of cognition: The role of perception in general intelligenceGobet, F; Lane, P
2000CHREST+: A simulation of how humans learn to solve problems using diagrams.Lane, PCR; Cheng, PCH; Gobet, F
2001The CHREST model of active perception and its role in problem solvingLane, PCR; Cheng, PCH; Gobet, F
2004CHREST tutorial: Simulations of human learningGobet, F; Lane, PCR
2016Christopher Priest and the Persistence of the New WaveHubble, N
2015Chromium coated silicon nitride electron beam exit windowManivannan, N; Balachandran, W; Ribton, C; Beleca, R; Abbod, M, et al
2011Chromobility: the rapid movement of chromosomes in interphase nucleiBridger, JM
2003A chromosome 3-encoded repressor of the human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) gene controls the state of hTERT chromatinSzutorisz, H; Lingner, J; Cuthbert, AP; Trott, DA; Newbold, RF, et al
2006Chromosome breakpoint distribution of damage induced in peripheral blood lymphocytes by densely ionising radiationAnderson, RM; Sumption, ND; Papworth, DG; Goodhead, DT
2005Chromosome positioning is largely unaffected in lymphoblastoid cell lines containing emerin or A-type lamin mutationsMeaburn, KJ; Levy, N; Toniolo, D; Bridger, JM
2008Chromosomes 6 and 18 induce neoplastic suppression in epithelial ovarian cancer cellsNewbold, RF; Dafou, D; Ramus, SJ; Choi, K; Grun, B, et al