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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014COBRA framework to evaluate e-government services: A citizen-centric perspectiveOsman, IH; Anouze, AL; Irani, Z; Al-Ayoubi, B; Lee, H, et al
2015Co-creation of value at the bottom of the pyramid: Analysing Bangladeshi farmers' use of mobile telephonyDey, BL; Pandit, A; Saren, M; Bhowmick, S; Woodruffe-Burton, H
2017Co-creative design developments for accessibility and home automationTaib, SM; De Coster, R; Sabri Tekantape, E
2016Co-creative Prosumer Labor, Financial Knowledge Capitalism, and Marxist Value TheoryRoberts, JM
2014Co-current horizontal flow of a Newtonian and a non-Newtonian fluid in a microchannelRoumpea, EP; Passos, AD; Mouza, AA; Paras, SV; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2002Code extraction algorithms which unify slicing and concept assignmentHarman, M; Gold, N; Hierons, RM; Binkley, D
2015Codification: The future of English consumer law?Riefa, C
1990Coercion and LibertyDowding, KM
2015Coevolved mutations reveal distinct architectures for two core proteins in the bacterial flagellar motorPandini, A; Kleinjung, J; Rasool, S; Khan, S
2016Cognitive and decoding correlates of reading comprehension in Nigerian childrenWydell, T; Mangvwat, Solomon Elisha
2006A cognitive approach to user perception of multimedia quality: An empirical investigationChen, SY; Ghinea, G; Macredie, RD
2012Cognitive biases, heuristics and decision-making in design for behaviour changeLockton, D
2010Cognitive deficits are associated with frontal and temporal lobe white matter lesions in middle-aged adults living in the communityBunce, D; Anstey, KJ; Cherbuin, N; Burns, R; Christensen, H, et al
2013Cognitive MAC protocols for mobile Ad-Hoc networksAl-Raweshidy, H; Masrub, Abdullah Ashur
2011Cognitive models for problem gamblingSchiller, M; Gobet, F; 2011 London Workshop on Problem Gambling: Theory and (Best) Practice
2008Cognitive processes and neural correlates of reading in languages with graded levels of orthographic transparency: Spanish, English and HebrewWydell, T; Williams, A; Fern-Pollak, Liory
2012Cognitive radio systems in LTE networksCosmas, J; Al-Dulaimi, Anwer
2005Cognitive Styles and Adaptive Web-based LearningMacredie, RD; Mitchell, TJF; Chen, SY
2003Cognitive support at encoding attenuates age differences in recollective experience among adults of lower frontal lobe functionBunce, D
2008Cognitive work analysis: Extensions and applications in command and controlStanton, N; Walker, G; Jenkins, Daniel Paul