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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The complexities of electronic services implementation and institutionalisation in the public sectorEl-Haddadeh, R; Weerakkody, V; Al-Shafi, S
2008Complexities of large-scale technology project failure: A forensic analysis of the Seattle popular monorail authorityYuttapongsontorn, N; Desouza, KC; Braganza, A
2015The complexities of 'otherness': reflections on embodiment of a young White British woman engaged in cross-generation research involving older people in IndonesiaNorris, M
2012The complexity of asynchronous model based testingHierons, RM
2012Complexity of data dependence problems for program schemas with concurrencyDanicic, S; Hierons, RM; Laurence, MR
2012The complexity of two graph orientation problemsEggemann, N; Noble, SD
2005The complex laguerre symplectic ensemble of Non-Hermitian matricesAkemann, G
2010Complex networksRodgers, G J; Nagao, T
2014Complex networks with node intrinsic fitness: on structural properties and contagious phenomenaRodgers, G; Hoppe, Konrad
2006The Complex Reaction of Monetary Policy to the Exchange RateKharel, RS; Martin, C; Milas, C
2006The complex response of monetary policy to the exchange rateKharel, RS; Martin, C; Milas, C
2013Complex scale-free networks with tunable power-law exponent and clusteringColman, ER; Rodgers, GJ
2009A complex situation in data recoveryde Cesare, S; Lycett, M; Ashworth, J Sue
2015Composing, Researching and Ways of TalkingCroft, J
2015Composing with an expanded instrumental paletteWalshe, J; McGuire, Paul
2014Composite goal methods for transportation network optimizationVeluscek, M; Kalganova, T; Broomhead, P; Grichnik, A
2008Composition dependence of electronic structure and optical properties of Hf1-xSixOy gate dielectricsHe, G; Zhang, LD; Meng, GW; Li, GH; Fei, GT, et al
2015Composition is not researchCroft, J
2008The composition of government spending and growth: Is current or capital spending better?Ghosh, S; Gregoriou, A
2011Compound effect of EHD and surface roughness in pool boiling and CHF with R-123Ahmad, SW; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR; Luke, A