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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Clinical users' perspective on telemonitoring of patients with long term conditions: Understood through concepts of Giddens's structuration theory & consequence of modernitySharma, U; Barnett, J; Clarke, M
2013The clinicopathological significance of lamin A/C, lamin B1 and lamin B receptor mRNA expression in human breast cancerWazir, U; Sharma, AK; Mokbel, K; Ahmed, MH; Bridger, JM, et al
2011Clinics of Oblivion: Makeover Culture and Cosmetic Surgery Tourism-
2008Cloned Access Point Detection and Point Detection and Prevention Mechanism in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Mesh NetworksKhan, S; Mast, N; Loo, KK; Silahuddin, A
2014Cloning expression and characterisation of the globular head regions of mouse CIQKishore, U; Shastri, Abhishek
2016A Closed-Loop Reciprocity Calibration Method for Massive MIMO in Terrestrial Broadcasting SystemsCosmas, JP; Luo, H; Zhang, Y; Huang, L; Aggoun
2015Closure of a human tissue biobank: Individual, institutional, and field expectations during cycles of promise and disappointmentStephens, N; Dimond, R
2017Cloud Based e-Government Services: a proposal to evaluate user satisfactionHackney, RA; Sivarajah, U; Omar, A; Lee, H; Hackney, RA, et al
2012Cloud computing and context-awareness: A study of the adapted user experienceGhinea, G; Grønli, Tor-Morten
2017Cloud computing utilisation and the mitigation of barriers to accelerated internationalisation by SMEs from emerging marketing: evidence from Iran and TurkeyGrahame, Fallon; Weerakkody, V; Alhaddadeh, R; Hosseini, Sahab
2016A cloud manufacturing based approach to suppliers selection and its implementation and application perspectivesCheng, K; Hassanzadeh, Soheil
2011Clubbing masculinities: Gender shifts in gay men's dance floor choreographiesPeterson, GT
2012Cluster damage robustness analysis and space independent community detection in complex networksAtherton, MA; Gobet, F; Gegov, Emil
2005Clustered spots in the FitzHugh-Nagumo systemWinter, M; Wei, J
2009Clusterin, a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor gene in neuroblastomasChakya, O; Corvetta, D; Dews, M; Caccamo, AE; Piotrowska, I, et al
2007Clustering and combinatorial optimization in recursive supervised learningRamanathan, K; Guan, SU
2006Clustering and networking among small independent hotels: developments over ten yearsDickson, K; Janjuha-Jivraj, S; Primrose, P; Woods, A
2009The clustering coefficient of a scale-free random graphEggemann, N; Noble, S D
2015Clustering consistency in neuroimaging data analysisLiu, C; Abu-Jamous, B; Brattico, E; Nandi, A
2015Clustering disaggregated load profiles using a Dirichlet process mixture modelGranell, R; Axon, CJ; Wallom, DCH