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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Consumer credit information systems: A critical review of the literature. Too little attention paid by lawyers?Ferretti, F
2013Consumer decision making in mobile-banking service selectionDe Coster, R; McEwen, C
2005A consumer decision process model for the InternetPaul, RJ; Lee, H; Ambaye, Michele
2014The consumer interest and data protection under EU competition law: the case of the retail financial services sectorFerretti, F
2007Consumers pnline: Intentions, orientations and segmentationJayawardhena, C; Wright, LT; Dennis, C
2008Consumer trust and confidence: Some recent ideas in the literatureFife-Schaw, C; Barnett, J; Chenoweth, J; Morrison, G M; Lundehn, C
2010Consuming urban rhythms: Let’s ravalejarDegen, M
2015Consumption, wealth, stock and housing returns: Evidence from emerging marketsCaporale, GM; Sousa, RM
2011Consumption, wealth, stock and housing returns: Evidence from emerging marketsCaporale, GM; Sousa, RM
2005ConSUS: A light-weight program conditionerDanicic, S; Daoudi, M; Fox, CJ; Harman, M; Hierons, RM, et al
2014Contact at all costs? Domestic violence and children's welfareBarnett, A
2014Contact at all costs?: Domestic violence child contact and the practices of the family courts and professionalsKaganas, F; Piper, C; Barnett, Adrienne Elise
2010Contact, conflict and geography: What factors shape cross-border citizen relations?Mirwaldt, K
1999Contact, conflict and riskKaganas, F
2004Contact disputes: Narrative constructions of 'good' parentsKaganas, F; Day Sclater, S
2011Contemporaneous-threshold smooth transition GARCH modelsDueker, MJ; Psaradakis, Z; Sola, M; Spagnolo, F
2015Contemporary challenges in relation to the prosecution of senior state officials before the International Criminal CourtHobbs, P
2013Contemporary splinting practice in the UK for adults with neurological dysfunction: A cross-sectional surveyHoffman, K; Baird, T; Tuckey, J; Marston, L; De Souza, L
2010Contested meanings: The Italian media and the UltraSTesta, A
2015Contesting firm boundaries: Institutions, cost structures and the politics of externalizationDoellgast, VL; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Benassi, C