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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Coherence analysis: Methods, solutions and problemsElliman, T; Irfan, Memon
2015Coherent chaos interest-rate modelsBrody, DC; Hadjipetri, S
2011Coherent microscopy and optical coherence tomography for biomedical applicationsCoupland, JM; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2013Cohesive zone models in history dependent materialsHakim, L; Mikhailov, SE; Osman, A; Akkerman, I; Augarde, C, et al
2014Co-innovation: the future of telemedicine in developing countriesNyamu, J; De Coster, R
2013The cointegrating relationship in Asian markets with applications to stock prices, exchange rates and interest ratesSpagnolo, F; Tanonklin, Tippawan
2013Cointegration and US Regional gasoline prices: Testing market efficiency from the stationarity of price proportionsHunter, J; Tabaghdehi, SA
2006Cointegration tests of PPP: Do they also exhibit erratic behaviour?Caporale, GM; Hanck, C
2011Cold cracking in DC-cast high strength aluminum alloy ingots: An intrinsic problem intensified by casting process parametersLalpoor, M; Eskin, DG; Ruvalcaba, D; Fjaer, HG; Ten Cate, A, et al
2016Cold spraying - A materials perspectiveAssadi, H; Kreye, H; Gärtner, F; Klassen, T
2013Colin Harvey and Alex SchwartzPolymenopoulou, E
2017Collaborating around digital tabletops: Children’s physical strategies from the UK, India and FinlandJamil, I; Suero-Montero, C; Perry, MJ; O'Hara, K; Karnik, A
2011A collaborative approach to forecasting product–service systems (PSS)De Coster, R
2017Collaborative Business Development for Telemedicine DeploymentDe Coster, R
2014Collaborative computer music composition and the emergence of the computer music designerFox, C; Croft, J; Faia-Harrison, Carl
2006The collaborative indexNorman, M; Macredie, R; Ryding, Michael Philip
2016Collaborative information seeking with ant colony ranking in real-timeTurchi, T; Malizia, A; Castellucci, P; Olsen, K
2004Collaborative information systems and business process design using simulationPaul, R J; Serrano, A
2016Collaborative relationships between logistics service providers and humanitarian organizations during disaster relief operationsBeallt, J; Fernández Barrera, JC; Mansouri, SA
2016Collaborative research exploring mental health service user perspectives on acute inpatient occupational therapyBryant, W; Cordingley, K; Sims, K; Dokal-Marandi, J; Pritchard, H, et al