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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Computational uncertainty in hybrid atomistic-continuum frameworksDrikakis, D; Asproulis, N; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2008Computation of the para-pseudoinverse for oversampled filter banks: Forward and backward Greville formulasGan, L; Ling, C
2013Computed tomographic coronary angiography for patients with heart failure (CTA-HF): A randomized controlled trial (IMAGE HF Project 1-C)Chow, BJW; Green, RE; Coyle, D; Laine, M; Hanninen, H; Leskinen, H; Rajda, M; Larose, E; Hartikainen, J; Hedman, M; Mielniczuk, L; O'Meara, E; deKemp, RA; Klein, R; Paterson, I; White, JA; Yla-Herttuala, S; Leber, A; Tandon, V; Lee, T; Al-Hesayen, A; Hessian, R; Dowsley, T; Kass, M; Kelly, C; Garrard, L; Tardif, J-C; Knuuti, J; Beanlands, RS; Wells, GA
1987Computer assisted mathematical programmingLucas, CA; Mitra, G
1984Computer assisted modelling of linear, integer and separable programming problemsDarby-Dowman, K; Lucas, CA; Mitra, G
2011A computer-based product classification and component detection for demanufacturing processesMousavi, A; Adjapong, PO
2007Computer modelling techniques using elastic link wrapping in joint modelling for human motion studiesWright, DK; Benham, MP; Qin, SF; Bibb, R
1993A computer model of chess memoryGobet, F
2015Computers, Coders, and Voters: Comparing Automated Methods for Estimating Party PositionsHjorth, F; Klemmensen, R; Hobolt, SB; Hansen, ME; Kurrild-Klitgaard, P
1979Computer simulation applied to parcel conveyorsRourke, JW
1996Computer simulation of a motorcycle and dummy rider in impactMo, Lai-Sheung Melissa
2004Computer simulations improve university instructional laboratoriesGibbons, NJ; Evans, C; Payne, A; Shah, K; Griffin, DK
2008Computer simulations of developmental change: The contributions of working memory capacity and long-term knowledgeJones, G; Gobet, F; Pine, JM
2001A computer system to perform structure comparison using TOPS representations of protein structureGilbert, D; Westhead, V; Viksna, J; Thornton, J
2008A computer vision model for visual-object-based attention and eye movementsSun, Y; Fisher, R; Wang, F; Gomes, HM
2011Computing resources sensitive parallelization of neural neworks for large scale diabetes data modelling, diagnosis and predictionQi, Hao
2009Computing the shortest elementary flux modes in genome-scale metabolic networksde Figueiredo, LF; Podhorski, A; Rubio, A; Kaleta, C; Beasley, JE; Schuster, S; Planes, FJ
1990Concentration fluctuations in atmospheric dispersionChatwin, PC; Hajian, NT
2006Concentrator cell methodology in the regeneration and recycle of chromium etching solutions using membrane technologyChaudhary, AJ; Ganguli, B; Grimes, SM
2010Concept generation for persuasive designLockton, D; Harrison, DJ; Stanton, NA