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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Constructing the cultural repertoire in a natural disaster: The role of social media in the Thailand flood of 2011Mao, M; Pan, SL; Hackney, R; Ractham, P; Kaewkitipong, L
2016Constructing the eastern european other: The horsemeat scandal and the migrant otherIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2016Constructing visual perception of body movement with the motor cortex.Orgs, G; Dovern, A; Hagura, N; Haggard, P; Fink, GR, et al
2014The construction and experience of ability in physical educationHills, L; Kay, T; Croston, Amanda
2015Construction and validation of the circumplex model of affect with English and Greek athletic samplesLoizou, G; Karageorghis, CI
1986Construction of a support tool for the design of the activity structures based computer system architecturesKohout, LJ; Mohamad, Sabah Mohamad Amin
1988Construction of personal work-theory in the young administratorMcLeod, Donald
1994The construction of racial identity in infants of mixed parentageKatz, Ilan Barry
2015Construction of relief wells under artesian flow conditions at dam toes: Engineering experiences from Karkheh earth dam, IranHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Niroomand, H
1990The construction of self-dual normal polynomials over GF(2) and their applications to the Massey-Omura algorithmRae, A; Pathan, M K
2006Constructive Heuristics for the Minimum Labelling Spanning Tree Problem: a preliminary comparisonConsoli, S; Moreno, J A; Mladenović, N; Darby-Dowman, K
2016A constructively critical review of change and innovation-related concepts: Towards conceptual and operational clarityPotocnik, K; Anderson, NR
2008Construct validity of the bidding game, binary with follow-up, and a novel structured haggling question format in determining willingness to pay for insecticide-treated mosquito netsOnwujekwe, O; Fox-Rushby, J; Hanson, K
2016Consumer-Based Virtual Brand Personality (CBVBP), Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in the Online Banking IndustryOng Khian Sin; Bang Ngyuen; Syed Alwi, SF
2015A Consumer-Centric Open Innovation Framework for Food and Packaging ManufacturingTsimiklis, P; Ceschin, F; Green, S; Qin, SF; Song, J, et al
2007Consumer confidence indeces and short-term forecasting of consumptionAl-Eyd, A; Barrell, R; Davis, EP
2007Consumer confidence indices and short-term forecasting of consumptionAl-Eyd, A; Barrell, R; Davis, EP
2007Consumer credit information systems: A critical review of the literature. Too little attention paid by lawyers?Ferretti, F
2013Consumer decision making in mobile-banking service selectionDe Coster, R; McEwen, C
2005A consumer decision process model for the InternetPaul, RJ; Lee, H; Ambaye, Michele