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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Copasetic analysis: a framework for the blind analysis of microarray imageryFraser, K; O'Neill, P; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2004Copasetic analysis: Automated analysis of biological gene expression imagesFraser, K; O'Neill, P; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2005Copasetic clustering: Making sense of large-scale imagesFraser, K; O' Neill, P; Wang, Z; Liu, X
1997Coping with chronic illness and disability through creative needlecraftReynolds, F
1991Coping with imprisonment on the outside: The perspectives of the children and their mothersPellegrini, Anna Maria
2016Coporate heritage torism brand attractiveness. The case of Tong Ren Tang and Chinese national identityBalmer, JMT; Chen, W
2017Co-Production and Co-Creation in Public Services – resolving confusion and contradictions-
2011Copyright and truthBorghi, MA
2011Coquaternionic quantum dynamics for two-level systemsBrody, DC; Graefe, EM
2016Core and Periphery in the European Monetary Union: Bayoumi and Eichengreen 25 Years LaterMacchiarelli, C; Campos, N
2006Core groups and the transmission of HIV: Learning from male sex workersParker, M
2002Core specification and experiments in DIET: A decentralised ecosystem-inspired mobile agent systemHoile, C; Wang, F; Bonsma, E; Marrow, P
2014Corner accumulation behavior of spermatozoa in microchannelsNosrati, R; Graham, PJ; Sinton, D; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2008Coronin-1A links cytoskeleton dynamics to TCRαβ-induced cell signalingMugnier, B; Nal, B; Verthuy, C; Boyer, C; Lam, D; Chasson, L; Nieoullon, V; Chazal, G; Guo, X-J; He, H-T; Rueff-Juy, D; Alcover, A; Ferrier, P
2015Corporal diagnostic work and diagnostic spaces: Clinicians' use of space and bodies during diagnosisGardner, J; Williams, C
2017Corporate brand and hotel performance: A resource-based perspectiveSilva, R; Gerwe, O; Becerra, M
2016The corporate brand and strategic direction: Senior business school managers’ cognitions of corporate brand building and managementBalmer, JMT; Wang, W-Y
2015Corporate Brand: Business to BusinessSequeira, N; da Silva, RV; Syed Alwi, SF
2006Corporate branding, identity and communciations: A contemporary perspectiveMelewar, TC; Karaosmanoglu, E
2002Corporate branding in the retail sector: a practitioner’s perspectiveBurghausen, M; Fan, Y