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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Hierarchical video summarisation in reference frame subspaceJiang, RM; Sadka, AH; Crookes, D
2008High capacity steganographic method based upon JPEGAl-Mohammad, A; Hierons, RM; Ghinea, G
2014High efficiency smart voltage regulating module for green mobile computingAl-Raweshidy, H; Tapou, Monaf Sabri
1996Higher genus correlators for the hermitian matrix model with multiple cutsAkemann, G
2004Higher-Order Energy Expansions and Spike LocationsWinter, M; Wei, J
2003Higher order energy expansions for some singularly perturbed Neumann problemsWinter, M; Wei, J
2005A Higher-Order Energy Expansion to Two-Dimensional Singularly Neumann ProblemsWinter, M; Wei, J; Yeung, W-K
1997Higher-order finite-difference methods for partial differential equationsTwizell, EH; Cheema, Tasleem Akhter
1995Higher order parallel splitting methods for parabolic partial differential equationsTwizell, EH; Taj, Malik Shahadat Ali
1973High frequency diffraction by a hard circular discNewby, J C
2012High frequency diffraction of an electromagnetic plane wave by an imperfectly conducting rectangular cylinderRawlins, AD
2011High frequency diffraction of an electromagnetic plane wave by an imperfectly conducting rectangular cylinderRawlins, AD
1971High frequency difraction by a soft circular disc. I the plane wave at normal incidenceNewby, J C
1991High frequency inverter-transformer-cycloconverter system for DC to AC (3-phase) power conversionThompson, T; Karamat, Asghar
2013High frequency link Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systemDarwish, MK; Rasool, Emad Abdulrazzaq
2010Highly automated method for facial expression synthesisDong, F; Angelides, MC; Ersotelos, Nikolaos
2011High-mobility solution-processed copper phthalocyanine-based organic field-effect transistorsChaure, NB; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Cain, MG, et al
1991High order continuous polygonal patchesGregory, JA; Hahn, JM; Lau, VKH
2014High-order space-time finite element schemes for acoustic and viscodynamic wave equations with temporal decouplingBirch, MJ; Brewin, MP; Greenwald, SE; Hu, S; Kenz, ZR, et al
2008High performance FPGA implementation of the mersenne twisterChandrasekaran, S; Amira, A
Showing results 3124 to 3143 of 7916
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