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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dimensions of global food systems: addressing food security on a world stageAnsell, N
2014Dimensions of global food systems: addressing food security on a world stageAnsell, Nicola
2016Dimeric cyanobacterial cyclopent-4-ene-1,3-dione as selective inhibitor of Gram-positive bacteria growth: Bio-production approach and preparative isolation by HPCCCCheel, J; Bogdanová, K; Ignatova, S; Garrard, I; Hewitson, P, et al
2007Diophantine networksBedogne, C; Masucci, AP; Rodgers, GJ
2015Direct and external intensity modulation in OFDM RoF linksKhwandah, SA; Cosmas, JP; Glover, IA; Lazaridis, PI; Prasad, NR, et al
2012Direct computations of a synthetic jet actuatorHayes-McCoy, Declan
2002Direct CP violation searches in charmless hadronic B meson decaysAubert, B; Boutigny, D; Gaillard, JM; Hicheur, A; Karyotakis, Y, et al
2010Directed differentiation of hematopoietic precursors and functional osteoclasts from human ES and iPS cellsGrigoriadis, AE; Kennedy, M; Bozec, A; Brunton, F; Stenbeck, G, et al
2010A directed mutation operator for real coded genetic algorithmsKorejo, I; Yang, S; Li, C
2000Directing public companies - Company law and the stakeholder societyLowry, J; Dean, Janice Louise
2005The directional contact distance of two ellipsoids: Coarse-grained potentials for anisotropic interactionsParamonov, L; Yaliraki, SN
2007Directional mobility of debt ratingsBhaumik, SK; Landon-Lane, JS
2017Directive 2009/110/EC on the taking up, pursuit and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions and Directive 2015/2366/EU on payment services in the internal marketArno R. Lodder; Andrew D. Murray
2005Direct localized boundary-domain integro-differential formulations for physically nonlinear elasticity of inhomogeneous bodyMikhailov, SE
2016Directly absorbingTherminol-Al2O3 nano heat transfer fluid for linear solar concentrating collectorsMuraleedharan, M; Singh, H; Suresh, S; Udayakumar, M
2016Direct numerical simulation of gas transfer across the air-water interface driven by buoyant convectionWissink, JG; Herlina, H
2014Direct numerical simulation of gas transfer at the air-water interface in a buoyant-convective flow environmentWissink, J; Kubrak, Boris
2011Direct numerical simulation of heat transfer from the stagnation region of a heated cylinder affected by an impinging wakeWissink, JG; Rodi, W
2009Direct numerical simulation of the near-field dynamics of annular gas-liquid two-phase jetsSiamas, GA; Jiang, X; Wrobel, LC
2014Direct numerical simulation of turbulent scalar transport across a flat surfaceHerlina, H; Wissink, JG