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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Alternative methods for representing the inverse of linear programming basis matricesMitra, G; Tamiz, M
2013Alternative routes to good jobs in the service economy: Employment restructuring and human resource management in incumbent telecommunications firmsDoellgast, V; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Benassi, C
2014AltitudeOmics: Exercise-induced supraspinal fatigue is attenuated in healthy humans after acclimatisation to high altitudeGoodall, S; Twomey, R; Amann, M; Ross, EZ; Lovering, AT, et al
2012Amateur vision and recreational orientation: Creating live video togetherEngström, A; Perry, MJ; Juhlin, O
2000Ambient humidity control for maximising replay intensity and resolution in aberration-compensated off-axis holograms of underwater objectsNebrensky, JJ; Craig, G; Hobson, PR; Nareid, H; Watson, J
2017The ambiguity of electronic cigarettes: reflections on boundary objects and biomedicalizationWilliams, C; Wainwright, S; Riesch, H; Tamimi, Nancy
2014The ambivalent shadow of the pre-Wilsonian rise of international lawDe La Rasilla Del Moral, I
2005Ambulance 3GBanitsas, KA; Perakis, K; Tachakra, S; Koutsouris, D; Konis, G
2011Ambulatory oxygen: why do COPD patients not use their portable systems as prescribed? A qualitative studyArnold, E; Bruton, A; Donovan-Hall, M; Fenwick, A; Dibb, B, et al
2005American hegemony or global governance? Competing visions of international securityKrahmann, E
2008Amine functionalization of cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix with generation 1 PAMAM dendrimerChan, JCY; Burugapalli, K; Naik, H; Kelly, JL; Pandit, A
2004Amorphous procedure extractionHarman, M; Binkley, D; Singh, R; Hierons, RM
2013Amorphous slicing of extended finite state machinesAndroutsopoulos, K; Clark, D; Harman, M; Hierons, RM; Li, Z, et al
2015Amplification efficiency and thermal stability of qPCR instrumentation: Current landscape and future perspectivesRogers-Broadway, KR; Karteris, E
2017'An Amuse-Bouche at Best': 360 Degree VR Storytelling in Full PerspectiveMoody, P
1988Analyses of experiments and a functional model for ship rollingPrice, G; Mathisen, Jan
2017Analyses of optimum generation scenarios for sustainable power generation in GhanaAwopone, AK; Zobaa, AF
2005Analysing and modelling train driver performanceMcLeod, RW; Walker, GH; Moray, N; Mills, A
2009Analysing B2B electronic procurement benefits – Information systems perspectivePiotrowicz, W; Irani, Z
2005Analysing children's accounts using discourse analysisAlldred, P; Burman, E; Greene, SM; Hogan, DM