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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Genesis 22 and the socio-religious reforms of Ezra and NehemiahBarton, J; Curcio, Janice Ann
1998Genetic algorithm and adaptive neural network hybrid method for job-shop scheduling problemsYang, S; Wang, D
1998Genetic algorithm and neural network hybrid approach for job-shop schedulingZhao, K; Yang, S; Wang, D
1997Genetic algorithm approach to find the best input variable partitioningKalganova, T; Strechen, N
2002The genetic algorithm as a discovery engine: Strange circuits and new principlesMiller, J; Kalganova, T; Lipnitskaya, N; Job, D
2004A genetic algorithm for power distribution system planningIrving, MR; Rivas-Davalos, Francisco
2002Genetic algorithms based on primal-dual chromosomes for royal road functionsYang, S
2002Genetic algorithm search for stent design improvementsTesch, K; Atherton, MA; Collins, MW
2007Genetic algorithms with elitism-based immigrants for changing optimization problemsYang, S
2011Genetic algorithms with elitism-based immigrants for dynamic load balanced clustering problem in mobile ad hoc networksCheng, H; Yang, S
2009Genetic algorithms with elitism-based immigrants for dynamic shortest path problem in mobile ad hoc networksCheng, H; Yang, S
2011Genetic algorithms with guided and local search strategies for university course timetablingYang, S; Jat, SN
2010Genetic algorithms with immigrants and memory schemes for dynamic shortest path routing problems in mobile ad hoc networksYang, S; Cheng, H; Wang, F
2008Genetic algorithms with memory- and elitism-based immigrants in dynamic environmentsYang, S
2005Genetic algorithms with self-organized criticality for dynamic optimization problemsTinos, R; Yang, S
2007Genetic algorithms with self-organizing behaviour in dynamic environmentsTinos, R; Yang, S
1976A genetic approach to management education and the science of teachingGeorge, FH; Lorimer, Kenneth V
2009Genetic epidemiology of breast cancer in CYPRUS: A case -control study of DNA repair genesKyriacou, K; Hadjisavvas, A; Loizidou, Maria
2014Genetic folding for solving multiclass SVM problemsMezher, MA; Abbod, MF
2008A genetic-inspired joint multicast routing and channel assignment algorithm in wireless mesh networksCheng, H; Yang, S