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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Eternal land rights? Interaction of land rights in the SADCChigara, B
2005Ethical branding and corporate reputationFan, Y
2016Ethics and banking; comparing an Economics and a Christian perspectiveDavis, EP
2010Ethics and social networking sites: A disclosive analysis of FacebookLight, B; McGrath, K
2006Ethics in Leisure - An Agenda for ResearchBrackenridge, CH; McNamee, M; Kennedy, E; Pussard, H
2005Ethnic conflict and economic disparity: Serbians and Albanians in KosovoBhaumik, SK; Gang, IN; Yun, MS
2014Ethnicity and HumorWeaver, S; Attardo, S
2018Ethnicity, Culture, and Close RelationshipsGaines, SO; Hardin, DP; Vangelisti, A; Perlman, D
2016Ethnic Speech and Ethnic Action as Ethnic Behavior I: Construction of the Brunel Ethnic Behavior Inventory (BEBI)Gaines, SO; Lefringhausen, K; Charura, D; Kangatharan, J; Singh, J, et al
2016Ethnic speech and ethnic action as ethnic behavior: Part 1. Construction of the Brunel ethnic behavior inventoryGaines, SO; Lefringhausen, K; Charura, D; Kangatharan, J; Singh, J, et al
1998Ethnography And Discourse Analysis: Dilemmas In Representing The Voices Of ChildrenAlldred, P; Ribbens, J; Edwards, R
2009EU banks rating assignments: Is there heterogeneity between new and old member countries?Caporale, GM; Matousek, R; Stewart, C
2012EU competition law enforcement: Is Brussels I suited to dealing with all the challenges?Danov, M
2011EU funding - present and future and HORIZON 2020Matskevich, Y; BRAM-NET
2016The EU Hotspot: Police War Against the MigrantNeocleous, MA; Kastrinou, M
2017EU membership, Mrs Thatcher's reforms and the british relative economic declineCampos, NF; Coricelli, F
2016EU regulation of endocrine disruptors: a missed opportunityKortenkamp, A; Bourguignon, J-P; Slama, R; Bergman, Å; Demeneix, B, et al
2015The EuroAction physical activity and fitness study: a paired, cluster-randomised controlled trial in 8 European countries in people with coronary heart disease and individualsDeSouza, Lorraine; Jones, Jennifer
2006The euro and inflation uncertainty in the European Monetary UnionCaporale, GM; Kontonikas, A
2009The Euro and inflation uncertainty in the European Monetary UnionKontonikas, A