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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Financial liberalization and capital adequacy in models of financial crisesBarrell, R; Karim, D; Ventouri, A
2006Financial management and planning in higher education institutionsPaul, RJ; Holloway, Tony
2007Financial predictions using intelligent systemsStonham, J; Milanovic, Vlade
2016Financial Regulation: Are we reaching an efficient outcome?Armstrong, A; Davis, EP
2013Financial reporting quality across listed, medium-sized and small companies in the UK: a preliminary look.Liu, S; Skerratt, L
2006Financial sector reforms and stochastic policy simulations: A flow of funds model for IndiaMoore, T; Green, CJ; Murinde, V
2015The Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013: Smart Regulatory Regime?Korotana, M
2010Finding footing in a postmodern conception of lawDruzin, BH
2017Finding Longitude: The Investigator Expedition, 1801-1803Morgan, KJ
2004Finding next-to-shortest paths in a graphKrasikov, I; Noble, S D
2017Findings from a multi-method study on test-driven developmentRomano, S; Fucci, D; Scanniello, G; Turhan, B; Juristo, N
2015Finding the balance in complex regional pain syndrome. Expertise, optimism, and evidenceMoseley, GL; O'Connell, NE
2010Fine synchronization of the CMS muon drift-tube local trigger using cosmic raysChatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Adam, W; Arnold, B, et al
1993Finite aperture Fraunhofer holograms of two co-planar discsHobson, PR; Raouf, A
1984Finite difference methods for a class of singular two-point boundary value problemsTwizell, E H
1973Finite-difference solution of poisson's equation in rectangles of arbitrary shapeRosser, J B
1994Finite-difference solutions of tenth-order boundary-value problemsTwizell, EH; Siddiqui, Aijaz Ahmad
1999Finite-dimensional perturbations of linear operators and some applications to boundary integral equationsMikhailov, SE
2014Finite-Element Analysis of Shear-off Failure of Keyed Dry Joints in Precast Concrete Segmental BridgesShamass, R; Zhou, X; Alfano, G
1997Finite element analysis of the human left ventricle in diastole and systoleYettram, AL; Beecham, MC