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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Generation and manipulation of magnetic dropletsAlhetlani, E; Iles, A; Pamme, N; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2014Generationing developmentAnsell, N
2014Generationing development: a commentaryAnsell, Nicola
2015Generation of 3D autostereoscopic integral images using computer simulated imaging systems.Salih, Shafik
1994The generation of DNA single-strand breaks during the reduction of chromate by ascorbic acid and/or glutathione in vitroKortenkamp, A; O'Brien, P
2009The generation of multi-laminar reagent streams for rapid, sequential (bio)chemical reactions on magnetic particles in a continuous flow microreactorTarn, MD; Peyman, SA; Vojtisek, M; Iles, A; Pamme, N, et al
1991Generative feature-based design-by-constraints as a means of integration within the manufacturing industryJaques, MWS; Billingsley, J; Harrison, DJ
1993The gene responsible for Werner syndrome may be a cell division "counting" geneFaragher, RG; Kill, IR; Hunter, JA; Pope, FM; Tannock, C, et al
2003Generic and specialist occupational therapy casework in community mental healthHarries, P; Gilhooly, K
2012A generic approach to behaviour-driven biochemical model constructionGilbert, D; Liu, X; Wu, Zujian
2001A generic architecture for interactive intelligent tutoring systemsHlupic, V; Atolagbe, Tajudeen Abayomi
2010A generic framework for hybrid simulation in healthcareEldabi, T; Chahal, Kirandeep
2015A generic method to develop simulation models for ambulance systemsPinto, LR; Silva, PMS; Young, TP
2016Generic ontology of datatypesPanov, P; Soldatova, LN; D┼żeroski, S
2010Genesis 22 and the socio-religious reforms of Ezra and NehemiahBarton, J; Curcio, Janice Ann
1998Genetic algorithm and adaptive neural network hybrid method for job-shop scheduling problemsYang, S; Wang, D
1998Genetic algorithm and neural network hybrid approach for job-shop schedulingZhao, K; Yang, S; Wang, D
1997Genetic algorithm approach to find the best input variable partitioningKalganova, T; Strechen, N
2002The genetic algorithm as a discovery engine: Strange circuits and new principlesMiller, J; Kalganova, T; Lipnitskaya, N; Job, D
1999The genetic algorithm as a discovery engine: Strange circuits and new principlesMiller, JF; Kalganova, T; Lipnitskaya, N; Job, D