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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Fiscal shocks and real exchange rate dynamics: Some evidence for Latin AmericaCaporale, GM; Ciferri, D; Girardi, A
2011Fiscal shocks and real exchange rate dynamics: Some evidence for Latin AmericaCiferri, D; Girardi, A
2011Fiscal spillovers in the Euro areaCaporale, GM; Girardi, A
2016The fisher relationship in NigeriaBalparda, B; Caporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA
2014Fitness-based network growth with dynamic feedbackSmolyarenko, I
2013Fitness-based network growth with dynamic feedbackSmolyarenko, I
2009Fitness cultures and environmental (in)justice?Mansfield, L
2008A fitness differential adaptive parameter controlled evolutionary algorithm with application to the design structure matrixLancaster, J; Cheng, K
2015Fitting censored quantile regression by variable neighborhood searchRajab, RS; Dražić, M; Mladenović, N; Mladenović, P; Yu, K
2001'Fit to parent'? Psychology, knowledge and popular debateO'Brien, M; Burman, E; Alldred, Pamela Kay
2005Five English disaster novels, 1951-1972Hubble, N
2000Five seconds or sixty? Presentation time in expert memoryGobet, F; Simon, H A
2011Fixed and reconfigurable multiband antennasNilavalan, R; Abutarboush, Hattan F
2012Fixed bed column adsorption of Cu (II) onto maize tassel-PVA beadsSekhula, MM; Okonkwo, JO; Zvinowanda, CM; Agyei, NN; Chaudhary, AJ
2015Fixed penalties for careless driving: the delusion of deterrence?Piper, CD; Easton, S
2011The flame and the sword: Cypriot literature of liberation considered from post-colonial, psychological and creative perspectivesLefteri, Christy
2012Flexibility framework for assessing supplier selectionRobaty Shirzad, S; Bell, D
2011Flexible cross layer design for improved quality of service in MANETsHadjinicolaou, M; Kiourktsidis, Ilias
2008Flexible data input layer architecture (FDILA) for quick-response decision making tools in volatile manufacturing systemsTavakoli, S; Mousavi, A; Komashie, A
2007A flexible mandatory access control policy for XML databasesZhu, H; Jin, R; Lü, K