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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Asymptotic behaviour at infinity of solutions of second kind integral equations on unbounded regions of RnChandler-Wilde, SN; Peplow, AT
1984Asymptotic behaviour of the solution of a functional-differential equationTripp, CE
1990Asymptotic behaviour of zeros of bieberbach polynomialsPapamichael, N; Saff, E B; Gong, J
2008Asymptotic equivalence of homogenisation procedures and fine-tuning of continuum theoriesPichugin, AV; Askes, H; Tyas, A
2003Asymptotic homogenisation in strength and fatigue durability analysis of compositesMikhailov, SE; Orlik, J
2002An asymptotic membrane-like theory for long-wave motion in a pre-stressed elastic platePichugin, A V; Rogerson, G A
2009Asymptotics of a right-angled impedance wedgeRawlins, AD
2009Asymptotic stability for neural networks with mixed time-delays: The discrete-time caseLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2014ATD: A multiplatform for semiautomatic 3-D detection of kidneys and their pathology in real timeSkounakis, E; Banitsas, K; Badii, A; Tzoulakis, S; Maravelakis, E, et al
2010At King's Agramant's camp: Old debates, new constitutional timesde la Rasilla del Moral, I
2009ATM surcharges: Effects on deployment and welfareChioveanu, I; Fauli-Oller, R; Sandonis, J; Santamaria, J
2012Attachment and amae in Japanese romantic relationshipsMarshall, TC
2013Attachment styles and personal growth following romantic breakups: The mediating roles of distress, rumination, and tendency to reboundMarshall, T; Bejanyan, K; Ferenczi, N
2012Attachment styles as predictors of Facebook-related jealousy and surveillance in romantic relationshipsMarshall, TC; Bejanyan, K; Di Castro, G; Lee, RA
2014Attentional capture by spoken language: Effects on netballers’ visual task performanceBishop, D; Moore, S; Horne, S; Teszka, R
2006Attentional focus, dispositional reinvestment, and skilled motor performance under pressureJackson, RC; Ashford, K; Norsworthy, G
2002Attention and automation: New perspectives on mental underload and performanceYoung, MS; Stanton, NA
1978Attention: A view suggested by systemic and cybernetic considerationPask, G; Hernandez-Chavez, Francisco Jose
2008Attention mechanisms in the CHREST cognitive architectureLane, PCR; Gobet, F; Smith, RL
2011At the intersection of disability and masculinity: Exploring gender and bodily difference in IndiaStaples, J