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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Beamline magnet polarity indicationNebrensky, JJ
2002Bearing condition monitoring using acoustic emission and vibration: The systems approachAu, YHJ; Kaewkongka, Tonphong
2001‘Because it’s our culture!’ (Re)negotiating the meaning of lobola in Southern African secondary schoolsAnsell, N
2011Beck and beyond: Selling security in the world risk societyKrahmann, E
2000Behavioral regulation profiles in sport: A self-determination perspectiveVlachopoulos, SP; Karageorghis, CI; Terry, PC
2014A behavioural approach to financial portfolio selection problem: an empirical study using heuristicsLucas, C; Date, P; Grishina, Nina
2000Behavioural compensation by drivers of a simulator when using a vision enhancement systemStanton, NA; Pinto, M
2002Behavioural regulations as predictors of exercise dependency among endurance athletesHamer, M; Karageorghis, CI; Vlachopoulos, SP
2011Behaviour change at work: Empowering energy efficiency in the workplace through user-centred designLockton, D; Cain, R; Harrison, DJ; Giudice, S; Nicholson, L, et al
2012The behaviour of political parties and MPs in the parliaments of the Weimar RepublicHansen, ME; Debus, M
2013‘Being’ and ‘becoming’ a welfare citizen in the Danish FolkeskoleFroerer, P; Hirsch, E; Sass, Ditte Strunge
2007Belief in public efficacy, trust and attitudes to modern genetic scienceBarnett, J; Cooper, H; Senior, V
2008Benchmark generator for CEC 2009 competition on dynamic optimizationLi, C; Yang, S; Nguyen, T T; Yu, E L; Yao, X, et al
2006Benchmarking and library quality maturityWilson, F; Town, SJ
2002Benchmarking performance management systemsSharif, A M
1980Bend and orifice plate interactions and their influence on the pressure losses in internal flow systemsCrook, AW; Ward-Smith, AJ; Salvarli, Huseyin
2005A bending quasi-front generated by an instantaneous impulse loading at the edge of a semi-infinite pre-stressed incompressible elastic plateKaplunov, JD; Pichugin, AV
2007Benefits of and barriers to involving users in medical device technology development and evaluationShah, SGS; Robinson, I
2007Benzotriazole is antiestrogenic in vitro but not in vivoHarris, CA; Routledge, EJ; Schaffner, C; Brian, JV; Giger, W, et al
1977The bergman kernel method for the numerical conformal mapping of simply connected domainsLevin, D; Papamichael, N; Sideridis, A