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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The attitudes of young people to the non-use or use of drugs and to drugs education and prevention strategiesTwigg, Barry
2010Attitudinal and behavioural determinants influencing decision makers when adopting integration technologies in local governmentKamal, M; Weerakkody, V; Irani, Z
2008Attracting Interest: Dynamic Displays of Proceptivity Increase the Attractiveness of Men and WomenClark, AP
2010Audit exemption and the demand for voluntary audit: A comparative study of the UK and DenmarkCollis, J
2004Auditing and property rightsIossa, E; Legros, P
1990Audit of amniocentesis from a district general hospital: Is it worth it?Wiener, JJ; Farrow, A; Farrow, SC
2014Auditory observation of stepping actions can cue both spatial and temporal components of gait in Parkinson's disease patientsYoung, WR; Rodger, MWM; Craig, CM
2012Audit probability versus effectiveness: The Beckerian approach revisitedRablen, M
2014Audit probability versus effectiveness: The Beckerian approach revisitedRablen, MD
2014Audit quality and decision-making in small companiesOjala, H; Niskanen, M; Collis, J; Pajunen, K
2007Augmented paper applications: Initial user tests of a wireless pattern readerJenkins, K; Wood, J; Southee, DJ; Harrison, DJ; Stanton, NA
2014Augmenting citation chain aggregation with article mapsCribbin, TF
2008The Australian Research Quality Framework: A live experiment in capturing the social, economic, environmental, and cultural returns of publicly funded researchDonovan, C
2010Authority and contemporary international arbitrationCole, T
2011Authority in the common lawJaffey, P
2009The authority of states to use names in international law and the Macedonian affair: Unilateral entitlements, historic title, and trademark analogiesBantekas, I
1984Autobiographical letters, 1978-1984Harris, HJ
1938Autobiographical notesGoring, J
1972Autobiography of ex-workhouse and Poor Law school boyBalne, E
2004Automated assemly of large composite preforms for reinforcement applications in aerostructuresSarhadi, M; Tewfic, Tarik Mohamed