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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984The best possible estimates for polynomial norms on certain LP—spacesSarantopoulos, I
2011Best practice for motor imagery: A systematic literature review on motor imagery training elements in five different disciplinesSchuster, C; Hilfiker, R; Amft, O; Scheidhauer, A; Andrews, B, et al
2008Beyond-brand effect of television food advertisements on food choice in children: The effects of weight statusHalford, JCG; Boyland, EJ; Hughes, GM; Stacey, L; McKean, S, et al
2004Beyond comfort: Information content and perception enhancementGiacomin, J; Woo, Y J
2013Beyond labelling: What strategies do nut allergic individuals employ to make food choices? A qualitative studyBarnett, J; Vasileiou, K; Gowland, MH; Raats, MM; Lucas, JS
2006Beyond mimetic Englishness: Ford’s English trilogy and the good soldierHubble, N
2007Beyond recycling: ‘Commons friendly’ waste reduction at new consumption communitiesBekin, C; Carrigan, M; Szmigin, I
2009Beyond the red queen syndrome: CRM technology and building material suppliersLove, PED; Edwards, DJ; Standing, C; Irani, Z
2010Beyond the virtual intracranial stenting challenge 2007: non-Newtonian and flow pulsatility effectsCavazzuti, M; Atherton, MA; Collins, MW; Barozzi, G
1980Bézier polynomials over triangles and the construction of piecewise Cr polynomialsFarin, G
2009Bias and the informed observer: A call for a return to GoughOlowofoyeku, AA
2009Bicriteria scheduling of a two-machine flowshop with sequence-dependent setup timesMansouri, SA; Hendizadeh, SH; Salmasi, N
2001Bid distributions of competing agents in simple models of auctionsD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
2000Bidirectional incremental evolution in extrinsic evolvable hardwareKalganova, T
2014Bidirectional optimization of the melting spinning processLiang, X; Ding, Y; Wang, Z; Hao, K; Hone, K, et al
1995A bifurcated circular waveguide problemRawlins, AD
2013Big data and humanitarian supply networks: Can Big Data give voice to the voiceless?Monaghan, A; Lycett, M
1999The Big Picture – An overview of the major issues facing women in sport todayBrackenridge, CH
2011Bilateral Delimitation of the Caspian Sea and the Exclusion of Third PartiesBantekas, I
2013Binary choice health state valuation and mode of administration: Head-to-head comparison of online and CAPIMulhern, B; Longworth, L; Brazier, J; Rowen, D; Bansback, N, et al
Showing results 541 to 560 of 7861
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