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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Articular human joint modellingEsat, II; Ozada, N
2009An artifact based approach to the accounting recognition of assets, particularly intangible assetsEl-Tawy, N; Tollington, T
2011Artificial immune systems applications in cancer researchAl-Enezi, J; Abbod, MF; Al-Sharhan, S
2012Artificial immune systems based committee machine for classification applicationAbbod, MF; Alsharhan, S; Al-Enezi, Jamal
2010Artificial Immune Systems - Models, algorithms and applicationsAl-Enezi, JR; Abbod, MF; Alsharhan, S
2006Artificial intelligence makes computers lazyKent, S; Patel, N
2013An artificial intelligent system for oncological volumetric medical PET classificationAbbod, M; Sharif, Mhd Saeed
2010Artificial neural network-based system for PET volume segmentationSharif, MS; Abbod, MF; Amira, A; Zaidi, H
2013Artificial neural networks for controlling the temperature of internally cooled turning toolsWardle, F; Minton, T; Ghani, SBC; FŌčrstmann, P; Roeder, M, et al
2012Artificial neural network-statistical approach for PET volume analysis and classificationSharif, MS; Abbod, MF; Amira, A; Zaidi, H
2009ARTISTIC: A randomised trial of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing in primary cervical screeningKitchener, HC; Almonte, M; Gilham, C; Dowie, R; Stoykova, B, et al
2010Art-making and identity work: A qualitative study of women living with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME)Reynolds, F; Vivat, B
2008The art of cross-cultural brandingFan, Y
2005The art of cross-cultural brandingFan, Y
1997The art of destruction: An ethnographic study of the urban graffiti subculture in London and New YorkHenwood, K; Gill, R; Macdonald, Nancy
2012Art therapy after stroke: Evidence and a need for further researchReynolds, F
2015Ascertaining the impact of endogenous and exogenous factors on the performance of students taking non-specialist accounting coursesTheodosopoulos, G; Haslam, C; Riley, C; Katechos, G; Tsitsianis, N
2012Ascertainment of the truth in international criminal justiceBantekas, I; Giannoulopoulos, D; Buisman, Caroline
2013Asessing ethical severity of e-learning systems security attacksLevy, Y; Ramim, MM; Hackney, RA
2007Asexuality: Classification and characterizationPrause, N; Graham, CA