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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Genetic polymorphisms in the DNA repair genes XRCC1, XRCC2 and XRCC3 and risk of breast cancer in CyprusNewbold, RF; Loizidou, MA; Neuhausen, SL; Michael, T; Marcou, Y; Kakouri, E; Papadopoulos, M; Kyriacou, K; Hadjisavvas, A
2010Genetic variation in genes interacting with BRCA1/2 and risk of breast cancer in Cypriot population.Newbold, RF; Loizidou, MA; Cariolou, MA; Neuhausen, SL; Bashiardes, E; Marcou, Y; Michael, T; Daniel, M; Kakouri, E; Hadjisavvas, A
2001Genisa: A web-based interactive learning environment for teaching simulation modellingAtolagbe, TA; Hlupic, V; Taylor, SJE
2001Genocide at the safe area of srebrenica: A search for a new strategy for protecting civilians in contemporary armed conflictBadar, ME
2012Genocide, culture and indigenous peoplesShort, D; Expert Seminar on Indigenous Cultures and Languages in collaboration with the UN
2010Genome Integrity: A new open access journalHakem, R; Hande, MP; Petrini, J; Slijepcevic, P
2015Genome Organisation is affected in immortalised control and Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria CellsBikkul, MU; Slijepcevic, P; Anderson, R; Faragher, RGA; Kill, IR; Bridger, JM
2011Genome sequence of Rhodobacter sphaeroides strain WS8NPorter, SL; Wilkinson, DA; Byles, ED; Wadhams, GH; Taylor, S; Saunders, NJ; Armitage, JP
2012A genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies new childhood obesity lociBradfield, JP; Taal, HR; Timpson, NJ; Scherag, A; Lecoeur, C; Warrington, NM; Hypponen, E; Holst, C; Valcarcel, B; Thiering, E; Salem, RM; Schumacher, FR; Cousminer, DL; Sleiman, PMA; Zhao, J; Berkowitz, RI; Vimaleswaran, KS; Jarick, I; Pennell, CE; Evans, DM; St Pourcain, B; Berry, DJ; Mook-Kanamori, DO; Hofman, A; Rivadeneira, F; Uitterlinden, AG; van Duijn, CM; van der Valk, RJP; de Jongste, JC; Postma, DS; Boomsma, DI; Gauderman, WJ; Hassanein, MT; Lindgren, CM; Magi, R; Boreham, CAG; Neville, CE; Moreno, LA; Elliott, P; Pouta, A; Hartikainen, A-L; Li, M; Raitakari, O; Lehtimaki, T; Eriksson, JG; Palotie, A; Dallongeville, J; Das, S; Deloukas, P; McMahon, G; Ring, SM; Kemp, JP; Buxton, JL; Blakemore, AIF; Bustamante, M; Guxens, M; Hirschhorn, JN; Gillman, MW; Kreiner-Moller, E; Bisgaard, H; Gilliland, FD; Heinrich, J; Wheeler, E; Barroso, I; O'Rahilly, S; Meirhaeghe, A; Sorensen, TIA; Power, C; Palmer, LJ; Hinney, A; Widen, E; Farooqi, IS; McCarthy, MI; Froguel, P; Meyre, D; Hebebrand, J; Jarvelin, M-R; Jaddoe, VWV; Smith, GD; Hakonarson, H; Grant, SFA
2016Genome wide classification and characterisation of CpG sites in cancer and normal cellsGhorbani, M; Payne, A; Themis, M
2009Genomic analysis of the fresh water mollusc Biomphalaria glabrata to understand host: Parasite interactionsOdoemelam, Edwin Chukwuemeka
2011Genomic imbalances are confined to non-proliferating cells in paediatric patients with acute myeloid leukaemia and a normal or incomplete karyotypeBallabio, E; Regan, R; Garimberti, E; Harbott, J; Bradtke, J; Teigler-Schlegel, A; Biondi, A; Cazzaniga, G; Giudici, G; Wainscoat, JS; Boultwood, J; Bridger, JM; Knight, SJL; Tosi, S
2017Genomic properties of chromosomal bands are linked to evolutionary rearrangements and new centromere formation in primatesFederico, C; Pappalardo, AM; Ferrito, V; Tosi, S; Saccone, S
2011Genomic stuff: Governing the (im)matter of lifePalsson, G; Prainsack, B
2014Genotoxic mixtures and dissimilar action: Concepts for prediction and assessmentErmler, S; Scholze, M; Kortenkamp, A
2015Genotype and phenotype characterisation of enhanced Friedreich’s ataxia GAA repeat expansion mouse modelsAnjomani Virmouni, S; Sandi, C; Ezzatizadeh, V; Sandi, M; Al-Mahdawi, S; Pook, M; Anjomani-Virmouni, S
2013Genotype and phenotype characterisation of Friedreich ataxia mouse models and cellsAnjomani Virmouni, Sara
2008Genotype and phenotype schema and their role in distributed situation awareness in collaborative systemsStanton, NA; Salmon, PM; Walker, GH; Jenkins, DP
2014Geochemistry of post-extinction microbialites as a powerful tool to assess the oxygenation of shallow marine water in the immediate aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinctionCollin, PY; Kershaw, S; Tribovillard, N; Forel, MB; Crasquin, S
2003Geo-cultural influences and critical factors in inter-firm collaborationSmith, HL; Dickson, K