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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995On the accuracy of the binomial approximation to the distance distribution of codesKrasikov, I; Litsyn, S
2007On the Anatomy of Human HackingOkenyi, P O; Owens, T J
2007On the anatomy of human hackingOkenyi, P O; Owens, T J
2004On the block wavelet transform applied to the boundary element methodBucher, HF; Wrobel, LC; Mansur, WJ; Magluta, C
1991On the capture and representation of fontsPitteway, MLV; Hussain, Fiaz
1986On the comparison of two numerical methods for conformal mappingGaier, D; Papamichael, N
2006On the composition of government spending, optimal fiscal policy, and endogenous growth: Theory and evidenceGhosh, S; Gregoriou, A
2011On the computational complexity of dynamic slicing problems for program schemasDanicic, S; Hierons, RM; Laurence, MR
2010On the convergence of autonomous agent communitiesZhu, H; Wang, F; Wang, S
2008On the convergence of the hp-BEM with quasi-uniform meshes for the electric field integral equation on polyhedral surfacesBespalov, A; Heuer, N
2003On the cost-effectiveness of ergonomicsStanton, NA; Baber, C
2009On the design of an Ohmic RF MEMS switch for reconfigurable microstrip antenna applicationsSpasos, M; Charalampidis, N; Mallios, N; Kampitaki, D; Tsiakmakis, K, et al
2006On the design of diploid genetic algorithms for problem optimization in dynamic environmentsYang, S
1999On the distance distribution of duals of BCH codesKrasikov, I; Litsyn, S
2013On the domain-specificity of mindsets: The relationship between aptitude beliefs and programming practiceScott, MJ; Ghinea, G
2002On the dynamics of lending and deposit interest rates in emerging markets: A non-linear approachIregui, AM; Milas, C; Otero, J
2013On the edge of a new frontier: Is gerontological social work in the UK ready to meet twenty-first-century challenges?Richards, S; Sullivan, MP; Tanner, D; Beech, C; Milne, A, et al
2014On the effect of the dynamic contact angle of a vapor embryo interface trapped in a nucleation siteLéal, L; Miscevic, M; Lavieille, P; Topin, F; Tadrist, L, et al
1995On the factorization of a class of Wiener-Hopf kernelsAbrahams, ID; Lawrie, JB
2011On the formalization and reuse of scientific researchKing, RD; Liakata, M; Lu, C; Oliver, SG; Soldatova, LN