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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Ordered incremental training with genetic algorithmsZhu, F; Guan, SU
2013Order-statistics-based inferences for censored lifetime data and financial risk analysisYu, K; Sheng, Zhuo
2000Organic waste - treatment options, opportunities and barriersGrimes, SM; Cooper, J; Taylor, Gary Howard
2009Organisational challenges of the semantic web in digital libraries: A Norwegian case studyBygstad, B; Ghinea, G; Klaebo, GT
2013Organisational change and development of reformed Chinese township and village enterprisesChen, W; Woods, A; Singh, S
2012Organisational culture and coach-athlete relationships: An ethnographic study of an elite rowing clubHills, L; Rhind, D; Maitland, Alison
2008Organizational challenges of the semantic web in digital librariesBygstad, B; Ghinea, G; Klaebo, GT
2006Organizational forms and knowledge management: One size fits all?Franken, A; Braganza, A
2007Organizational knowledge transfer through creation, mobilization and diffusion: A case analysis of InTouch within SchlumbergerBraganza, A; Hackney, R; Tanudjojo, S
2005Organizational perceptions of e-commerce: Re-assessing the benefitsFitzgerald, G; Papazafeiropoulou, A; Piris, L; Serrano, A
1982The organization of district health councils in OntarioKirkland, A; Dixon, F Maureen
2005Organizing information on the next generation web - Design and implementation of a new bookmark structureGuan, SU; McMullen, P
1996Organochlorine contamination of UK Essex coast salt marsh sedimentsScrimshaw, MD; Bubb, JM; Lester, JN
2006The origins of bioengineering and the research challenges in bio-medical engineering today by Emeritus Professor Heinz WolffWolff, H
2007Origins of human behaviourToplis, R
2008The origins of intermodernism in Ford Madox Ford’s parallax viewHubble, N
1984O.R.,Statistics,A.I.- the potential for interdisciplinary progressPhelps, R I
1999An orthogonality condition for a class of problems with high order boundary conditions: Applications in sound/structure interactionLawrie, JB; Abrahams, ID
2009Orthogonality relations for fluid-structural waves in a 3-D rectangular duct with flexible wallsLawrie, JB
1988An orthonormalization method for the approximate conformal mapping of multiply-connected domainsKokkinos, CA; Papamichael, N; Sideridis, AB