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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Registration and ranking of company charges in ZambiaNgenda, A
2010Regularity and approximation of a hyperbolic-elliptic coupled problemMaischak, M; Kruse, Carola
1976Regular spline solutions to a two-point boundary value problemMoore, P
2006Regulating supreme court recusalsOlowofoyeku, AA
2006The regulation of consumer credit information systems: A lesson from Italy?Ferretti, F
2007The regulation of consumer credit information systems: Is the EU missing a chance?Ferretti, F
2011Regulation of endothelial cell activity and vascular inflammation by shear stressEvans, PC; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2001Regulation of human telomerase activity: Repression by normal chromosome 3 abolishes nuclear telomerase reverse transcriptase transcripts but does not affect c-Myc activityDucrest, AL; Amacker, M; Mathieu, YD; Cuthbert, AP; Trott, DA, et al
2013Regulation of mating in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by the zinc cluster proteins Sut1 and Sut2Blanda, C; Höfken, T
2012Regulation of vacuolar H+-ATPase activity by the Cdc42 effector Ste20 in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLin, M; Li, SC; Kane, PM; Höfken, T
2006Regulatory barriers and entry in developing economiesBennett, J; Estrin, S
2010Re L (A child) (Contact: Domestic violence): Commentary by Christine Piper, Judgement by Felicity KaganasPiper, CD; Kaganas, F
2013Relational versus structural embeddedness: the roles of uncertainty in information technology outsourcingLee, H; Oh, Jaeyoun
2012The relation between hemispheric lateralisation and measures of immune competence and adherence in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1)Sumner, RC; Nowicky, AV; Parton, A; Wylock, C; Cserjesi, R, et al
1990Relation between intraventricular pressure and volume in diastoleYettram, AY; Grewal, BS; Gibson, DG; Dawson, JR
2012Relationship between DNA damage response and telomere maintenanceSlijepcevic, P; Ojani, Maryam
2009The relationship between ecrm implementation and eloyalty at different adoption stages of transaction cycle: A conceptual framework and hypothesisAlhaiou, T; Irani, Z; Ali, M
2006Relationship between exercise heart rate and music tempo preferenceKarageorghis, CI; Jones, L; Low, DC
2011The relationship between national policy and industrial development in the UK and South Korea, 1940s–2000sChoi, Y; Cooper, R; Lim, S; Evans, M
2009The relationship between perception of effort and physiological responses to an acute fatiguing task of the elbow flexors. Evaluation of a new rating scale of perception of effortNowicky, A; De Souza, LH; Lampropoulou, Sofia
Showing results 5974 to 5993 of 7861
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