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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Persistence in us interest rates: Is it stable over time?Caporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA
2012Persistence in youth unemploymentCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA
2006Persistent antigenic stimulation alters the transcription program in T cells, resulting in antigen-specific tolerance.Anderson, PO; Manzo, BA; Sundstedt, A; Minaee, S; Symonds, A, et al
2014Persistent fluctuations in stride intervals under fractal auditory stimulationMarmelat, V; Torre, K; Beek, PJ; Daffertshofer, A
2011Personal data breach notification system in the European Union: Interpretation of “without undue delay”Wang, F
2007Personality and personal relationship processes: An introductionGaines, SO
2007Personality and personal relationship processes: Concluding thoughtsGaines, SO
2007Personality profiles of young chess playersBilalić, M; McLeod, P; Gobet, F
2010Personal mobile grids with a honeybee inspired resource schedulerAl-Raweshidy, H; Li, M; Kurdi, Heba Abdullataif
1992A personal response to the euromath project: Towards the specification of an it infrastructure for the European mathematical communitySamuels, P
2004The personal tutor and tutees' encounters of the personal tutor role: Their lived experiencesEvans, R; Price, B; Harrington, Anjoti
2007Person-centred advocacy for people with dementia - a personal accountFox, M; Wilson, L
2007Person-centred advocacy: Some ethical issuesFox, M; Wilson, L
1985Perspective relativity: A conceptual examination of the applicability of an articulated notion of "perspective" to such matters as the problem of meaningsGeorge, FH; Elstob, CM; Heppel, Vivien JH
2005Perspectives of day and accommodation services for people with enduring mental illnessBryant, W; Craik, C; McKay, EA
2002Perspectives of elite athletes with disabilities: Problems and possibilitiesTancred, B; Tribe, J; Brittain, Ian
2008Perspectives on information and supply chains within investment bankingSharif, AM
2000Perspectives on safety cultureGlendon, AI; Stanton, NA
2012Persuasive technology and digital design for behaviour changeLockton, D
2004Pervasive and standalone computing: The perceptual effects of variable multimedia quality.Gulliver, SR; Serif, T; Ghinea, G