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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Saturated flow boiling in small- to micro- diameter metallic tubes: Experimental results and modelingKarayiannis, TG; Shiferaw, D; Kenning, DBR
2009Saudi law and judicial practice in commercial and banking arbitrationBantekas, I; Chigara, B; Baamir, Abdulrahman
2009Saudi law as lex arbitri: Evaluation of Saudi arbitration law and judicial practiceBaamir, A; Bantekas, I
2005The savannah hypothesis of shoppingDennis, C; McCall, A
2005Saving, funding and economic growthDavis, EP; Hu, YW
2004Scalability tests of R-GMA-based grid job monitoring system for CMS Monte Carlo data productionBonacorsi, D; Colling, D; Field, L; Fisher, SM; Grandi, C, et al
2013Scalable and network aware video coding for advanced communications over heterogeneous networksSadka, AH; Muhammad, Sanusi
1989Scalar transport in turbulent shear flowsChatwin, PC
2011Scale-up of protein purifications using aqueous two-phase systems: Comparing multilayer toroidal coil chromatography with centrifugal partition chromatographySutherland, I A; Hewitson, P; Siebers, R; Van den Heuvel, R; Arbenz, L, et al
2006Scaling up health interventions in resource-poor countries: What role does research in stated-preference framework play?Pokhrel, S
1994Scattering by one-dimensional rough surfacesChandler-Wilde, SN; Ross, CR
2011Scattering of flexural waves by a semi-infinite crack in an elastic plate carrying an electric currentAbrahams, ID; Lawrie, JB
1999The scattering of sound waves in two-dimensional ducts with discontinuities in height and material propertyLawrie, JB; Warren, Daniel
2011Scenarios-based testing of systems with distributed portsHierons, RM; Merayo, MG; Nunez, M
2000Scheduling aircraft landings - the static caseBeasley, JE; Krishnamoorthy, M; Sharaiha, YM; Abramson, D
2008Scheduling of non-repetitive lean manufacturing systems under uncertainty using intelligent agent simulationPapadopoulou, T C; Mousavi, A
1991The scheduling of sparse matrix-vector multiplication on a massively parallel dap computerAndersen, J; Mitra, G; Parkinson, D
2005Schemes of work and lesson planningDavidson, J; Leask, M
2013Science and policy on endocrine disrupters must not be mixed: a reply to a "common sense" intervention by toxicology journal editorsBergman, A; Andersson, A-M; Becher, G; van den Berg, M; Blumberg, B, et al
1987Science as a growing system: A cybernetic essayPask, G; Medina-Martins, Pedro R
Showing results 6002 to 6021 of 7500
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