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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Representing and analysing molecular and cellular function in the computerHelden, JV; Naim, A; Mancuso, R; Eldridge, M; Wernisch, L, et al
2007Representing citizens and consumers in media and communications regulationLivingstone, S; Lunt, P
2008Representing situation awareness in collaborative systems: A case study in the energy distribution domainSalmon, PM; Stanton, NA; Walker, GH; Jenkins, DP; Baber, C, et al
2013'Representing the very ethic he battled': Secularism, Islam(ism) and self-transgression in The Satanic VersesMondal, AA
2007(Re)Production of community nursing - The journey of professional socialisation: A grounded theory study of community nurse practice teachersMurray, J; Sayer, Lynn
2009Reproductive effects in two species of native freshwater gastropod mollusc exposed to 17β-oestradiol or an environmentally relevant mixture of oestrogenic chemicals in outdoor mesocosmsRoutledge, E; Jobling, S; Baynes, Alice Louise
2006Reputational concerns and bias in arbitrationIossa, E; Palumbo, G
2007Reputational concerns in arbitration: Decision bias and information acquisitionIossa, E
2004Requirements capture for inclusive design resources and toolsDong, H; Clarkson, JP
2006Requirements dilemmaFitzgerald, G; Harris, Howard J
1989Re: Reading written data: On the interpretability of transcripts of talk about multiple sclerosisWynne, Anna
2002The re-regulation of broadcasting: Or the mill owners’ triumphPetley, J
2009ReSCon '09, Research Student Conference: Book of AbstractsReSCon'09
2010ReSCon '10, Research Student Conference: Book of AbstractsReSCon '10
2011ReSCon '11, Research Student Conference: Book of AbstractsReSCon '11
2012ReSCon '12, Research Student Conference: Book of AbstractsReSCon '12
2010Research and development of accounting system in grid environmentKhan, A; Taylor, RE; Chen, Xiaoyu
2001Research and development of Controlled Auto-Ignition (CAI) combustion in a 4-stroke multi-cylinder gasoline engineLi, J; Zhao, H; Ladommatos, N; Ma, T
2008Research and developments of Dirac video codecLoo, J; Cosmas, J; Tun, Myo
2008Research and developments of Dirac Video CodexLoo, J; Tun, Myo
Showing results 6080 to 6099 of 7916
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