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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Public expenditure and national income - Time series evidence from GreeceArghyrou, MG
2009Public goods, congestion, and fiscal policy: Do consumption-based instruments matter?Chatterjee, S; Ghosh, S
2009Public goods, congestion, and fiscal policy: Do consumption-based instruments matter?Chatterjee, S; Ghosh, S
2013The public health benefits of smoking ban policies: epidemiologic analyses of mortality effects and differentials by socioeconomic statusZeka, Ariana; Smith, Sericea Stallings
2002Public Infrastructure, Congestion, and Fiscal PolicyBennett, J; Lawlor, P
2003Public perceptions and attitudes towards a current managed realignment scheme: Brancaster West Marsh, North Norfolk, U.K.Myatt, LB; Scrimshaw, MD; Lester, JN
2007Public responses to precautionary information from the department of health (UK) about possible health risks from mobile phonesBarnett, J; Timotijevic, L; Shepherd, R; Senior, V
2009Public understanding of regimes of risk regulation: Focus groups with citizens and consumersLunt, P; Livingstone, S; Malik, S
2005The public use of reason: A philosophical understanding of knowledge sharingBorghi, MA
1988Pulsatile infusion of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) -investigative and therapeutic applicationsSutherland, IA; Chambers, GR; Polson, DW; Sagle, M; Kiddy, D, et al
2010Pupils or prisoners? Institutional geographies and internal exclusion in UK secondary schoolsBarker, J; Alldred, P; Watts, M; Dodman, H
2013Pure Mafia - a novel about child labour, plus thesis and commentaryWeldon, F; Mondal, A; Ahmad, Rohail
2006Purity and Danger – researching child protection and welfare in youth sportBrackenridge, CH
1977Purposive preferences for multi-attributed alternatives: A study of choice behaviour using personal construct theory in conjunction with decision theoryPhillips, L; McKnight, Cliff
2008Pursuing pastoralists: The stigma of shifta during the 'shifta war' in Kenya, 1963-68Whittaker, H
1998Pushing the envelopeGratton, GB
2013Putting library content into FacebookParsons, G
1998Putting the genome on the mapBridger, JM; Bickmore, WA
2006QCD Dirac operator at nonzero chemical potential: lattice data and matrix modelAkemann, G; Wettig, T
2001QCD3 and the Replica MethodAkemann, G; Dalmazi, D; Damgaard, PH; Verbaarschot, JJM