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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972On blending-function interpolationBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA
2011On-chip micro-evaporation: Experimental evaluation of liquid pumping and vapor compression cooling systemsThome, JR; Marcinichen, JB; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2006On comparison of constrained and unconstrained evolutions in analogue electronics on the example of “LC” low-pass filtersSapargaliyev, Y; Kalganova, T
2009On contracting hyperplane elements from a 3-connected matroidHall, R
2014On controllability of neuronal networks with constraints on the average of control gainsTang, Y; Wang, Z; Gao, H; Qiao, H; Kurths, J
2007On defining partition entropy by inequalitiesLuo, P; Zhan, G; He, Q; Shi, Z; Lü, K
2008On delayed genetic regulatory networks with polytopic uncertainties: Robust stability analysisWang, Z; Gao, H; Cao, J; Liu, X
2008On-demand HD video using Jini based gridKent, S; Broadbent, P; Warren, N; Gulliver, SR
2003On designing H∞ filters with circular pole and error variance constraintsWang, Z; Liu, X
2002On designing observers for time-delay systems with nonlinear disturbancesWang, Z; Goodall, DP; Burnham, KJ
2012On design of quantized fault detection filters with randomly occurring nonlinearities and mixed time-delaysDong, H; Wang, Z; Gao, H
2009One-dimensional mechanistic model for flow boiling pressure drop in small- to micro- passagesShiferaw, D; Mahmoud, M; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2009One-dimensional modelling of pulse wave propagation in human airway bifurcations in space-time variablesClavica, F; Alastruey, J; Sherwin, SJ; Khir, AW
1975One dimensional parabolic free boundary problemsMeyer, G H
2011One-dimensional semimechanistic model for flow boiling pressure drop in small to micro passagesShiferaw, D; Mahmoud, M; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR
1989One hundred pregnancies after treatment with pulsatile luteinizing-hormone releasing hormone to induce ovulationHomburg, R; Eshel, A; Armar, NA; Tucker, M; Mason, PW, et al
2007On eigenfunction expansions associated with wave propagation along ducts with wave-bearing boundariesLawrie, JB
2009On emerging micro- and nanoscale thermofluidic technologiesPoulikakos, D; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2009One's own soundtrack: Affective music synthesisKhan, A; Fuschi, D
1981One step multiderivative methods for first order ordinary differential equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM