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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989One hundred pregnancies after treatment with pulsatile luteinizing-hormone releasing hormone to induce ovulationHomburg, R; Eshel, A; Armar, NA; Tucker, M; Mason, PW, et al
2007On eigenfunction expansions associated with wave propagation along ducts with wave-bearing boundariesLawrie, JB
2009On emerging micro- and nanoscale thermofluidic technologiesPoulikakos, D; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2009One's own soundtrack: Affective music synthesisKhan, A; Fuschi, D
1981One step multiderivative methods for first order ordinary differential equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
1981On Eulerian and Lagrangean objectivity in continuum mechanicsOgden, R W
2005On evolution of relatively large combinational logic circuitsStomeo, E; Kalganova, T; Lambert, C; Lipnitskaya, N; Yatskevich, Y
2000On finite-volume gauge theory partition functionsAkemann, G; Damgaard, PH
2005On global asymptotic stability of neural networks with discrete and distributed delaysWang, Z; Liu, Y; Liu, X
2009The online bufferNebrensky, JJ
2013Online Data Processing Consent Under EU Law: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidence from the UKFerretti, F; Borghi, M; Karapapa, S
2012Online engagement from the grassroots: Reflecting on over a decade of ePetitioning experience in Europe and the UKPanagiotopoulos, P; Elliman, T
2011Online fabrication and characterization of capsule populations with a flow-focusing microfluidic systemChu, TX; Leclerc, E; Salsac, AV; Barthes-Biesel, D; Griscom, L, et al
2013Online grocery retailing in Jordan: Future perspectivesAlnawayseh, M; Alnabhan, M; Balachandran, W
2001On-line segmentation of freehand sketches by knowledge-based nonlinear thresholding operationsQin, SF; Wright, DK; Jordanov, IN
2012Online social support: an exploratory study of breastfeeding women’s use of internet and mobile applications to obtain peer supportPapazafeiropoulou, A; Barnet, J; Burman, Ana Beatriz Santana
2011‘The only time I feel girly is when I go out’: Drinking stories, teenage girls, and respectable femininitiesCullen, F
2004On matrix model partition functions for QCD with chemical potentialAkemann, G; Fyodorov, YV; Vernizzi, G
2002On matroids of branch-width threeHall, R; Oxley, J; Semple, C; Whittle, G
2010On multistability of delayed genetic regulatory networks with multivariable regulation functionsPan, W; Wang, Z; Gao, H; Li, Y; Du, M