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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Reward modulates spatial neglectMalhotra, PA; Soto, D; Li, K; Russell, C
2011Reworking musical strategies in the digital ageBarrett, R; Fox, C; Reuben Paris, Federico
2004A rework reduction model for construction projectsIrani, Z; Edwards, DJ; Love, PED
1997Rewritable routines in human interaction with public technologyBaber, C; Stanton, NA
2009RFC: Data flow from the MICE experimentNebrensky, JJ
1999RF circulator structures via offset lithographyEvans, PSA; Harrey, PM; Ramsey, BJ; Harrison, DJ
2011RF-MEMS switch actuation pulse optimization using Taguchi's methodSpasos, M; Tsiakmakis, K; Charalampidis, N; Nilavalan, R
2011RF-MEMS switches for reconfigurable antennasNilavalan, R; Spasos, Michail N
2005RGFGA: An efficient representation and crossover for grouping genetic algorithmsTucker, A; Crampton, J; Swift, S; Schoenauer, M
2007Rheo-diecasting AZ91D magnesium alloyLiu, G; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
2008Rheo-processing of an alloy specifically designed for semi-solid metal processing on the Al-Mg-Si systemPatel, J B; Liu, Y Q; Shao, G; Fan, Z
2008The Rho GDI Rdi1 regulates Rho GTPases by distinct mechanismsTiedje, C; Sakwa, I; Just, U; Höfken, T
1992Ribonucleotide reductase in dividing cells: Purification and inhibition studies with 4-hydroxynonenalSlater, TF; Cheeseman, KH; Li, Li
2004Rich mix cities: From multicultural experience to cosmopolitan engagementEvans, G; Foord, J
2012The rights of indigenous peoples - comments on expert mechanism draft studyDembour, M-B; Expert Seminar on Indigenous Cultures and Languages in collaboration with the UN
2013Rights of shareholders under Saudi company lawJaffey, P; Al-Zahrani, Youseif AM
2013The right to a fair trial under Saudi Law of Criminal Procedure: a human rights critiqueAl-Subaie, Salman Muhammed
2004The right to democratic entitlement: Time for change?Chigara, B
2011The rise and fall of an empire: critical reflections on the National Programme for IT in EnglandTakian, A; Health Studies and Community Health Division Seminar Series
2008The rise of emerging market multinationals and its impact on marketingFan, Y
Showing results 6126 to 6145 of 7861
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