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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999An orthogonality condition for a class of problems with high order boundary conditions: Applications in sound/structure interactionLawrie, JB; Abrahams, ID
2009Orthogonality relations for fluid-structural waves in a 3-D rectangular duct with flexible wallsLawrie, JB
1988An orthonormalization method for the approximate conformal mapping of multiply-connected domainsKokkinos, CA; Papamichael, N; Sideridis, AB
2005Osama seekerSouthee, D J; Henry, J; Perry, G
2011Oscillating shear index, wall shear stress and low density lipoprotein accumulation in human RCAsSoulis, JV; Fytanidis, DK; Papaioannou, VC; Giannoglou, GD; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2010Ostracods from a Marmara Sea lagoon (Turkey) as tsunami indicatorsMischke, S; Schudack, U; Bertrand, S; Leroy, SAG
2001Ostrich or eagle? Protection and professionalism in sport science and coachingBrackenridge, CH
2010The 'Other' laughs back: Humour and resistance in anti-racist comedyWeaver, S
2011The other side of the bridge: A study of social capital in further education provision for young disabled peopleBradford, S; Johnston, Craig E
2012'Otherwise it would be nothing but cruises': Exploring the subjective benefits of working beyond 65Reynolds, FA; Farrow, A; Blank, A
2008Outcomes and costs of blunt trauma in England and WalesChristensen, MC; Ridley, S; Lecky, FE; Munro, V; Morris, S
2008Outcomes and costs of penetrating trauma injury in England and WalesChristensen, MC; Nielsen, TG; Ridley, S; Lecky, FE; Morris, S
1976An outline theory of art on cybernetic principlesStewart, D; Rosenberg, MJ
2001Out of controlYoung, MS; Stanton, NA
2005Output feedback robust H∞ control with D-stability and variance constraints: A parametrization approachWang, Z; Ho, DWC
2005Output Partitioning of Neural NetworksGuan, SU; Qi, Y; Tan, SK; Li, S
2001Outsourcing information systems: Drawing lessons from a banking case studyBaldwin, LP; Irani, Z; Love, PED
2012Overcoming controllability problems in distributed testing from an input output transition systemHierons, RM
2009Overcoming controllability problems with fewest channels between testersHierons, RM; Ural, H
2006Overcoming observability problems in distributed test architecturesChen, J; Hierons, RM; Ural, H