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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Plasma spray deposition of polymer coatingsGawne, DT; Bao, Yuqing
2012Plasticity in second language (L2) learning: perception of L2 phonemes by native Greek speakers of EnglishUther, M; Wydell, T; Giannakopoulou, Anastasia
2008A plasticity model for powder compaction processes incorporating particle deformation and rearrangementChandler, HW; Sands, CM; Song, JH; Withers, PJ; McDonald, SA
1997Playing safe: Assessing the risk of sexual abuse to elite child athletesBrackenridge, CH; Kirby, S
2014Pliocene environmental change in West Africa and the onset of strong NE trade winds (ODP Sites 659 and 658)Vallé, F; Dupont, LM; Leroy, SAG; Schefuß, E; Wefer, G
2004Plug in to grid computingIrving, MR; Taylor, GA; Hobson, PR
2012Pms2 suppresses large expansions of the (GAA·TTC)n sequence in neuronal tissuesBourn, RL; De Biase, I; Pinto, RM; Sandi, C; Al-Mahdawi, S, et al
2005A point collocation approach to modelling large dissipative silencersKirby, R; Lawrie, JB
2009Poiseuille and Nusselt numbers for laminar flow in microchannels with rounded cornersLorenzini, M; Morini, GL; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
1983Pole type singularities and the numerical conformal mapping of doubly-connected domainsPapamichael, N; Warby, M K
1983Policy and provision for young people: Sociological analysis of youth, youth work, and the youth serviceHopkins, K; Marsland, David
2008Policy, economic federalism, and product market entry: The Indian experienceBhaumik, SK; Gangopadhyay, S; Krishnan, S
2014Polio survivors’ perceptions of the meaning of quality of life and strategies used to promote participation in everyday activitiesAtwal, A; Spiliotopoulou, G; Coleman, C; Harding, K; Quirke, C, et al
2005The polishing process of advanced ceramic balls using a novel eccentric lapping machineKang, J; Hadfield, M
1994Political donations to the conservative partyFisher, J
2004The political economy of constitutional conflict in Hong KongMushkat, M; Mushkat, R
2008The Political Economy of Financial DevelopmentGirma, S; Shortland, A
2009The political economy of Hong Kong's "open skies" legal regime: an empirical and theoretical explorationMushkat, M; Mushkat, R
2007The political economy of loose regulation: Modernity meets tradition in Hong KongMushkat, M; Mushkat, R
2005The political economy of recasting the constitutional debate in Hong KongMushkat, M; Mushkat, R