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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Linear Contraction Behavior of Low-Carbon, Low-Alloy Steels During and After Solidification Using Real-Time MeasurementsMehrara, H; Eskin, D; Lalpoor, M; Petrov, RH; Katgerman, L
1975The linear dependence relations and truncation errors for interpolating even order splinesHoskins, WD; Meek, DS
1978A linear, functional differential equation of the first orderDrew, DM; Murphy, JA
2008Linear Gaussian Affine Term Structure Models with Unobservable Factors: Calibration and Yield ForecastingDate, P; Wang, I C
1986Linear, integer separable and fuzzy programming problems: a united approach towards automatic reformulationDarby-Dowman, K; Lucas, CA; Yadegar, J; Mitra, G
2009Linearization techniques to suppress optical nonlinearityAl-Raweshidy, H; Tabatabai, Farbod
1997Linear programming bounds for doubly-even self-dual codesKrasikov, I; Litsyn, S
2007Linear state models for volatility estimation and predictionDate, P; Hawkes, Richard Nathanael
2006Linear State Models for Volatility Estimation and PredictionHawkes, R; Date, P
1981Linguistic and cultural affiliations of pupils of West Indian descent in English schoolsBarry, SMK; Vorhaus, Gwyneth
2012Lingulodinium machaerophorum expansion over the last centuries in the Caspian Sea reflects global warmingLeroy, SAG; Lahijani, HAK; Reyss, J-L; Chalié, F; Haghani, S, et al
2016Linkages between the US and European stock markets: A fractional cointegration approachCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA; Orlando, CJ
2008Linking experience realms and experiential service brand loyalty: Determinants and outcomes for future operationalizationIsmail, AR; Melewar, TC; Lim, L
2014Linking forest cover, soil erosion and mire hydrology to late-Holocene human activity and climate in NW SpainSilva-Sánchez, N; Martínez Cortizas, A; López-Merino, L
2005Linking knowledge transformation to information systems evaluationIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Love, PED
2007Linking working memory and long-term memory: A computational model of the learning of new wordsJones, G; Gobet, F; Pine, J M
2011Links between ICT advanced skills teachers and initial teacher trainingZwozdiak-Myers, P; Audain, J
2012A liquid crystalline copper phthalocyanine derivative for high performance organic thin film transistorsChaure, NB; Pal, C; Barard, S; Kreouzis, K; Ray, AK, et al
2003Liquidity effects due to information costs from changesGregoriou, A; Ioannidis, C
2008Liquidity, financial crises and the lender of last resort – How much of a departure is the sub-prime crisis?Davis, EP