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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Nano-scale analysis of titanium dioxide fingerprint-development powdersReynolds, AJ; Jones, BJ; Sears, V; Bowman, V
2010Nano-scale composition of commercial white powders for development of latent fingerprints on adhesivesJones, BJ; Reynolds, AJ; Richardson, M; Sears, VG
2014Nanoscale Prediction of Graphite Surface Erosion by Highly Energetic Gas - Molecular Dynamics Simulation -Murugesan, R; Chandrasekaran, N; Park, JH; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2008Nanostructure and paramagnetic centres in diamond-like carbon: Effect of Ar dilution in PECVD processJones, BJ; Wright, S; Barklie, RC; Tyas, J; Franks, J, et al
2010Nano-yarn carbon nanotube fiber based enzymatic glucose biosensorZhu, Z; Song, W; Burugapalli, K; Moussy, F; Li, Y-L, et al
2014Napalm: an American biographyHughes, M
1989The narrative of dream reportsKuper, A; Hudson, L; Wright, M; Blagrove, Mark Thomas
2006Narrative, performance, spectacle: a dramaturgical investigation into the relationship between an aesthetic event and the social world in rock and pop cultureTulloch, J; Gregson, Stephen I
2006Narratives of art-making in chronic fatigue syndrome/ myalgic encephalomyelitis: Three case studiesReynolds, F
2014Narratives of sexual trauma in contemporary adaptations of Wilkie Collins's The Woman in WhiteCox, J; Böhm, N; Gruss, S
2005Narratives of teacher stress: The impact of the changing context of professional workHey, V; Rouse, Sandra
2008Narratives of therapeutic art-making in the context of marital breakdown: Older women reflect on a significant mid-life experienceReynolds, F; Prior, S; Lim, KH
2010Natio et gens: Venice biennale 2009Broadhurst, S; Harvey, N
2010A national and international model for scaling up small scale education research: Country wide HEI/school collaborative research networks?Leask, M
2005National culture and on-line trust: a study of internet Egyptian usersHone, KS; Ali, M; El Said, GR
2002The national image of global brandsFan, Y
2011National income inequality predicts women's preferences for masculinized faces better than health doesBrooks, R; Scott, IM; Maklakov, AA; Kasumovic, MM; Clark, AP, et al
2001National innovation policy in CyprusHadjimanolis, A; Dickson, K
2010National models for CPD: The challenges of C21st knowledge managementLeask, M; Younie, S
2010National support for design, developing propositional modelsChoi, Y; Cooper, R; Lim, S; Evans, M