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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Quantifying the performance of a top-down natural ventilation Windcatcherâ„¢Jones, BM; Kirby, R
2010Quantifying the performance of natural ventilation windcatchersKirby, R; Jones, Benjamin Michael
2010Quantile-based methods for prediction, risk measurement and inferenceYu, K; Vinciotti, V; Ally, Abdallah K
1967Quantitative detection in gas chromatographyBevan, SC; Thorbun, S; Gough, Terry Antony
2009Quantitative impurities effects on temperatures of tin and aluminium fixed-point cellsAu, YHJ; Head, DI; Petchpong, Patchariya
2009Quantitative investigations of FXN transcription and epigenetic modifications, including histone acetylation and methylation, in FRDA human and mouse tissuesTrabzuni, Daniah M
2012Quantized H-Infinity control for nonlinear stochastic time-delay systems with missing measurementsWang, Z; Shen, B; Shu, H; Wei, G
2012Quantum splinesBrody, DC; Holm, DD; Meier, DM
2010The quasi-adiabatic approximation for coupled thermoelasticityPichugin, A V
2005Quasi-static stationary-periodic model of percussive deep drillingMikhailov, SE; Namestnikova, IV; Barla, G; Barla, M
2002Questioning Guanxi: Definition, classification and implicationsFan, Y
2010Quoted spreads and trade imbalance dynamics in the European treasury bond marketCaporale, GM; Girardi, A; Paesani, P
2007R134a flow boiling heat transfer in small diameter tubesHuo, Y; Tian, S; Karayiannis, TG
2004R134a flow patterns in small diameter tubesChen, L; Tian, YS; Karayiannis, TG
2008The radial arrangement of the human chromosome 7 in the lymphocyte cell nucleus is associated with chromosomal band gene densityFederico, C; Cantarella, CD; Di Mare, P; Tosi, S; Saccone, S
2012The radial integration boundary integral and integro-differential equation methods for numerical solution of problems with variable coefficientsWrobel, LC; Al-Jawary, Majeed
2010Radiation damage analysis of the swept charge device for the C1XS instrumentSmith, D; Holland, AD; Gow, Jason Peter David
1992Radiation damage effects in charge coupled devicesWatts, S; Robbins, Mark Stanford
2003Radiation damage in charge coupled devicesSmith, David Ryan
2010Radiation hardness qualification of PbWO4 scintillation crystals for the CMS Electromagnetic CalorimeterAdzic, P; Almeida, N; Andelin, D; Anicin, I; Antunovic, Z, et al