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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Parameters identification of unknown delayed genetic regulatory networks by a switching particle swarm optimization algorithmTang, Y; Wang, Z; Fang, J
2011Parametric effects on dryout of propane in a vertical circular mini-channelMaqbool, MH; Palm, B; Khodabandeh, R; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2000A parametric model of biofilm shedding in a test water distributionMaier, S; Powell, R S; Woodward, C A
2013Parasitic influences on the host genome using the molluscan model organism biomphalaria glabrataBridger, J; Arican-Goktas, Halime Derya
2012Parent abuse: Can law be the answer?Piper, CD; Hunter, C
2001Parental investment and child health in a Yanomamö village suffering short-term food stressHagen, EH; Hames, RB; Craig, NM; Lauer, MT; Price, M
2008Parental substance misuse and child welfare: Outcomes for children two years after referralForrester, D; Harwin, J
2014Parenting ‘gifted and talented’ children in urban areas: Parents' voicesKoshy, V; Portman Smith, C; Brown, J
2006The Parents’ Optimum Zone: Measuring and optimising parental engagement in youth sportBrackenridge, CH
2013The PARP-1 inhibitor Olaparib causes retention of γ-H2AX foci in BRCA1 heterozygote cells following exposure to gamma radiationBourton, EC; Plowman, PN; Harvey, AJ; Adam Zahir, S; Parris, CN
2002Partial CFD models of cardiovascular stentsAtherton, MA; Tesch, K
2002Partial delegation in a model of currency crisisBoinet, V
1982Partial differential equations in medical biophysicsTwizell, E H
2009A partially collapsed Gibbs sampler for Bayesian quantile regressionReed, C; Yu, K
2010A partially linearized sigma point filter for latent state estimation in nonlinear time series modelsDate, P; Jalen, L; Mamon, R
2008Participation in college sports and protection from sexual victimizationFasting, K; Brackenridge, CH; Miller, KE; Sabo, D; Leahy, T
2010Participation in crimes in the jurisprudence of the ICTY and ICTRBadar, ME
2007Participation motives as predictors of motivation outcomes in track and fieldBhatnagar, T; Karageorghis, CI
2007Participatory feedback and dissemination with and for children: Reflections from research with young migrants in Southern Africavan Blerk, L; Ansell, N
2007Participatory feedback and dissemination with and for children: reflections from research with young migrants in southern Africavan Blerk, L; Ansell, N