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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Rich mix cities: From multicultural experience to cosmopolitan engagementEvans, G; Foord, J
2012The rights of indigenous peoples - comments on expert mechanism draft studyDembour, M-B; Expert Seminar on Indigenous Cultures and Languages in collaboration with the UN
2013Rights of shareholders under Saudi company lawJaffey, P; Al-Zahrani, Youseif AM
2013The right to a fair trial under Saudi Law of Criminal Procedure: a human rights critiqueAl-Subaie, Salman Muhammed
2004The right to democratic entitlement: Time for change?Chigara, B
2011The rise and fall of an empire: critical reflections on the National Programme for IT in EnglandTakian, A; Health Studies and Community Health Division Seminar Series
2008The rise of emerging market multinationals and its impact on marketingFan, Y
2002Rise of human intelligence: Comments on Howard (1999)Gobet, F; Campitelli, G; Waters, AJ
2007Risk-adjusted performance, selectivity, timing ability and performance persistence of Hong Kong mutual fundsAbdel-Kader, MG; Kuang, Y
2012Risk and seasonal effects: International evidenceChen, Q
2012Risk attitudes and informal employment in a developing economyBennett, J; Gould, M; Rablen, MD
2003Risk Factors for Dementia and Cognitive DeclineGow, J; Gilhooly, M
1996Risk homeostasis theory - A study of intrinsic compensationHoyes, TW; Stanton, NA; Taylor, RG
2011Risk models and scores for type 2 diabetes: Systematic reviewNoble, D; Mathur, R; Dent, T; Meads, C; Greenhalgh, T
2007River inflow and salinity changes in the Caspian Sea during the last 5500 yearsLeroy, SAG; Marret, F; Gibert, E; Chalié, F; Reyss, JL, et al
2008Roads policing: Current context and imminent dangersCorbett, C
2013The road to the White House through Arab eyes: Analysis of frames and credibility as presented by Alarabiya, Alhurra and AljazeeraAlhammouri, Lama
2011“Robin Hook”: The developmental effects of Somali piracyShortland, A
1999A robot-based burr measurement system for the automotive industryBenati, F; Sacerdotti, F; Butler, C; Gatti, S; Yang, Q P
2012Robot navigation control based on monocular images: An image processing algorithm for obstacle avoidance decisionsBenn, W; Lauria, S
Showing results 6188 to 6207 of 7916
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