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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Self-adaptation of mutation distribution in evolutionary algorithmsTinos, R; Yang, S
2011Self-adaptation of mutation distribution in evolution strategies for dynamic optimization problemsTinĂ³s, R; Yang, S
2011Self-diffusion and viscosity coefficient of fluids in nanochannelsRudyak, VY; Belkin, AA; Ivanov, DA; Andrushenko, VA; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2013Self-identity, embodiment and the development of emotional resilienceRajan-Rankin, S
2011A self-learning particle swarm optimizer for global optimization problemsLi, C; Yang, S; Nguyen, T T
2003Self-modifiable color petri nets for modeling user manipulation and network event handlingGuan, SU; Liu, W
2009Self-organised droplet flow patterns in microchannelsOzdemir, P; Mohr, S; Wang, C; Stickland, MT; Goddard, NJ, et al
2006Self-organized Model for Modular Complex Networks: Division and IndependenceKim, DH; Rodgers, GJ; Kahng, B; Kim, D
2007A self-organizing random immigrants genetic algorithm for dynamic optimization problemsTinos, R; Yang, S
1991Self paced learning with video for 140 first year studentsRa, A
2009Self reported aggravating activities do not demonstrate a consistent directional pattern in chronic non specific low back pain patients: An observational studyWand, B M; Hunter, R; O'Connell, N E; Marston, L; McAuley, J
2005Self-Reported Upper Body Discomfort due to Driving: Effect of Driving Experience, Gender and Automobile AgeGiacomin, J
2009A Semantic-based framework for discovering business process patternsAldin, L; de Cesare, S; Lycett, M
2009Semantic discovery and reuse of business process patternsAldin, L; de Cesare, S; Lycett, M
2010Semantic discovery and reuse of business process patternsde Cesare, S; Lycett, M; Aldin, Laden
2011Semantic information systems engineering: A query-based approach for semi-automatic annotation of web servicesLycett, M; de Cesare, S; Al-Asswad, Mohammad Mourhaf
2013Semantic mutation testingClark, JA; Dan, H; Hierons, RM
2011Semantic mutation testingClark, JA; Dan, H; Hierons, RM
2005Semantic Transformation of Web ServicesBell, D; de Cesare, S; Lycett, M
2007Semantic web service architecture for simulation model reuseBell, D; de Cesare, S; Lycett, M; Mustafee, N; Taylor, S J E
Showing results 6188 to 6207 of 7509
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